What happen to Flight MH370?

On the 8th of March, Saturday, a Beijing-bound aircraft disappeared, departing from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft carried 239 people with nationalities all around the world. I heard the news on Sunday afternoon. I was taken aback by the news, it happened too sudden. Questions started flowing through my mind. ‘How did it happen?’ ‘Where was it headed to?’ ‘Who are involved?’

I opened Twitter to find many individuals sending their prayers to the passengers and their families and friends. It certainly has affected many.

In the next few days, Singapore along with many other neighbouring countries sent ships and airplanes to help search for the missing aircraft. I took this topic to relate to my studies in school. It made learning come to life. What I’ve learnt was about Diplomacy during Social Studies. Diplomacy means a strategy for establishing friendly relations with other countries. It allows countries to help each other when in need. And Singapore has demonstrated such acts for sending out help, and to be able to call Singapore my home, it is my honour. This issue has also made me understand that diplomacy is important to every part of the world. Be it if the country is big or small, it needs one another to work closely, to solve problems. My learning perspective has change; it made me want to venture more into other sources, other than textbooks and worksheets.

It was a misfortune such accident happened and I sincerely hope that the aircraft would be found soon and allow the families and friends of those passengers and the crew members be at ease.

Sending out my condolences to the families and friends of those on board on MH370.