2016 Review!

It’s the 31st of December, last day of the year. I always take this time of the year to reflect on the past year. So for today, I shall be reviewing on the year 2016!

2016 has been tough, no doubt about that. There were so much glory in this year as well. So I would say I led 2016 with a balance of good and bad. Events such as competition, exposure of the industry and many many more. It has been a hectic year and I would predict 2017 even more hectic, however that is the joy of life right? You grow with every trouble/issues/lessons and then you improve.

Major events such as My First Ever Competition was exciting. I managed to gain a little experience from competing and I would gladly say I would do it all over again! The adrenaline and rush I felt during those moments are something I want to keep experiencing while in this industry.

Another greater bigger part of 2016 was traveling! I travelled to 4 different countries, each with a rich and diverse culture. With that being said, I ate quite a lot as well! Thus I have written 3 of my 4 travel adventures on Big On Food. Being able to travel is a blessing. Very blessed to be able to pack my bags and set foot on foreign soil. As I travel more, I learn a little more every time. Being open and flexible are one of the few things I learnt and need to be applied in the real life, especially in the kitchen. Not everything would go to plan but good things are bound to come out with spontaneity and unplanned events. Hence I am going to travel so much more in the upcoming year and that is something I eagerly look forward to in 2017.

And the food eaten in all these places…

However 2016 was not all good. I met setbacks such as self-doubt. A part of 2016 was filled with questions and uncertainties. I doubted my ability in baking and was very uncertain with my route to take in the future. I constantly question myself if I am good enough to do this or that. It was a rather stressful period for myself, the feelings and emotions I went through were a ride, a bumpy one. But people around kept on believing in me and slowly, I grew a little more confident and got out of this phase. Extremely thankful for those who believed in me and thought I could do much more than what I think could do. Thank you.

Lastly, 2016 was about discovery. Discovering my greater love for food and creating new ones, traveling and about myself. 2016 have been a wild ride, but I am glad it is over and really happy that people around me are healthy. Well, here’s to another wild one in 2017! Thank you for following Big On Food in 2016, you are a part of my 2016 as well! It was great fun writing this year, next year there might be a little more to write on, so… Look Out! Till 2017, See ya!

And here are some of my work in 2016!

Spread Love & Be Kind! Pei Gee

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Taiwan Heals.

Hey all. I just want to pop by for the final post on Taiwan. Lets begin.

Firstly, I would love to explain about the title above. I went to Taiwan with very little expectations. All I expected was to eat lots and shop. I did not think Taiwan would do beyond that. It healed me spiritually and emotionally.

Let’s talk about spiritual healing first. During my trip to Taroko National Park, seeing all God’s beauty unveil in front of me, that’s when I healed. All I am faced in Singapore are concrete jungles of skyscraper, sad to say, I am not one who appreciates skyscrapers. Therefore my afternoon spent in the national park brought me serenity and contentment. Serenity being how peaceful the birds are chirping and streams of water in no rush to be transported elsewhere. Contentment was reflecting on the troubles of the pre-trip preparations and still being able to be standing on Taiwan’s ground. I am saddened that I was unable to tour more of Taiwan, however that gives me another opportunity to visit again.

Being so high up above the ground, inspired me to pose for that picture.
There were many questions running through my mind when this picture was taken. Were we on the bus? If so, what time do we board? How long is the journey going to take? Right then, there were many uncertainty but with much uncertainty comes bigger responsibilities and faith.
Taiwan is a road many travellers have walked. However there are still so much to explore. Taiwan is beyond shopping and street food, it is filled nature’s beauty.


Now let us get deep with emotion! While in Taiwan, I had time to reflect on certain things that were thrown on my way throughout these years. I learnt a lot and I experienced so much, and glad to say that I could overcome some challenges I faced back home. This trip was an incredible adventure, once in a lifetime and I am so blessed to be able to have that memory locked in my heart and mind. It is a trip of lessons, faith and trust.

Experiencing some that I would never get a chance to in Singapore…
IMG_4313 2
Thank you my travel buddy for trusting and believing in me


In a nutshell, it was an amazing trip and #886BucketList DONE & DUSTED! IMG_4830

Thank you so much for reading and if you would like to check out other pieces from my trip to Taiwan, click on Travel Adventures and it would lead the way. Be on the lookout on Big On Food in June as there would be exciting stuff happening! So till then, See you!

Spread Love & Be Kind! Xoxo Pei Gee

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New Adventure!

As I am going to be embarking on a short adventure soon, this blog would be a little quiet for the next few days as the area I am heading to might be a little tough to connect to you. Therefore the absence.

Through this new adventure, I would be searching for new inspirations in my cooking as the destination is known to be a foodies paradise. They have lots of fresh greens, food that excites our taste-buds and a wide variety of delicious eats. I am very excited to be heading there to explore and brighten my horizons.

Do look forward for the upcoming post as I might be blogging about my new discoveries and interesting eats I have eaten. Till the next time, Ciao~

Seoul, The City of food for the soul…

Seoul, Korea. With a population more than 100 million. A place for shopaholic and K-Pop stars. Apart from all the fantastic cosmetic shopping and the dazzling K-Pop bands, food is the next attraction in Seoul.

I visited Seoul last December, 2013. I was very enthusiastic for the trip as I heard so much about their history of food. From aged kimchi to greasy street food, whom I was drooling about the entire trip. I recalled bugging my parents to take me to somewhere where I could devour cheap and amazing street food. Yet, they said ‘Good food comes if you were to wait.’ I sensed sarcasm in those words that came out of their mouth, however I still waited. Few days into the trip, I coincidentally bumped into a tiny store that sell a limited amount of street food, but I am not complaining.

Street store #1!
Street store #1!

I immediately browse through the selection of goodies and took out some won to exchange for some delicacy.

Greedy me...
Greedy me…

I ordered a stick of hotdog, covered in a batter with french fries. Then they deep fried it to give the fries a crispy texture and golden yellow colour. That was certainly a sinful start to my journey of food in Seoul.

The following days, I encountered more street vendors and indeed, ended up with a stuffed stomach filled with local foods.

Street store #2!
Street store #2!
Eating a stick of fishcakes with soup!
Eating a stick of fishcakes with soup!
Street store #3!
Street store #3! Apparently this street vendor is selling something associated with sausage…

And when in Korea, how could you miss out on grilled meat?!?! So for dinner one night, my family and I sat down at a little cozy family restaurant for some grilled meat!

Ladies of the family.
Ladies of the family.
Table filled with side dishes and grilled meat!
Table filled with side dishes and grilled meat!
Don't judge! I have a mouthful of food when my dad decided to 'capture' the moment...
Don’t judge! I have a mouthful of food when my dad decided to ‘capture’ the moment…

We ordered some other dishes like Kimchi soup, bimbimbap (hot-stone pot rice) and Jiajangmyun (Bean paste noodles).

Kimchi soup with mushrooms, cabbage, ramen noodles, spring onion, sausage and many more assorted ingredients!
Kimchi soup with mushrooms, cabbage, ramen noodles, spring onion, sausage and many more assorted ingredients!
Bean paste noodle which I have been dying to eat for the whole trip!
Bean paste noodle which I have been dying to eat for the whole trip!

We left the restaurant with a huge tummy and smile on our faces.

I was really satisfied that I got to see and taste the food that locals eat. I am looking forward for the next trip somewhere sometime with my family this year. I hope the food would be as good as it was in Seoul. For those who are visiting Seoul or planning to visit Seoul, do try their street vendors. You would be surprise by their appearance, smell and taste. Good luck & Have Fun!

And here's a family picture in Seoul!
And here’s a family picture in Seoul!

Save Mother Earth!!!

Mother Earth is suffering and so are we. However all these sufferings are done by us. We ignored all the advise given to prevent global warming, giving excuses such as laziness, ‘everything is still fine, why fret about it’. Right now, we are facing the consequences.

The recent dry-spell in Singapore is one of the severe consequences faced by Singaporeans. It was the longest dry-spell Singapore had experienced. The day was warm, humid and dry. Fallen leaves turned into golden brown, making it feel like autumn, which Singapore does not have. Lakes were dried out, leaving lily pads on the cracked ground. It was a sight I never thought I would see.

Our neighbouring countries also experienced the dry-spell. They went on water rationing to limit the amount of water used. It felt like being at war again, when supplies were limited, people suffering and the world in chaos. For this instance, water are limited, people suffering under the scorching sun and the nation begging for rain.

We could no longer avoid  climate change from happening, however we could prevent it. A simply act could go a long way. Remember the 3 ‘R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I know people in Singapore could not go without their air-condition, including me, but we could reduce the use of it. Limiting the use of air-condition to only when you are heading to bed. Use the fan during the day and air-condition at night! Next, people alway toss away the plastic containers that they get when buying food from the food court. We could always reuse it when we are buying food the next time at the food court. Simply ask the hawkers to pack your food into the plastic containers you brought. Lastly, HDB blocks (Housing Development Board) have recycle bins at the void deck. Make use of them. Cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and many more could all be recycled in one way or another. Pack them accordingly and recycle them at the bottom of the block.

I understand you might find it troublesome at first, however once you get used to it, it gets simpler.Here’s a qoute from Og Mandino, Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”

Therefore this year, I am joining hundreds of people at The Float @ Marina Bay for ‘Earth Hour’. I do hope I will increase my knowledge of ways to prevent global warming. I will be there,having fun and creating awareness, Would you?