The Soul of Taiwan.

I was in Taiwan for a good ten days. I travelled to the east of Taiwan, Hualien, and explored the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. Now that I think about it, I could have done a lot more exploring but it was a good scene through this ten days.

I would define the soul of Taiwan with a word, tranquil. When I travelled out of the capital, it slowly got it’s peace and calm. The train was so smooth, I had the best experience of a train ride to the east of Taiwan. The only person who bothered me was the ticket master, beside that, everyone was doing their things and I was simply in a slumber or enjoying my view.

This was the train I took to the East of Taiwan. It was comfortable and relaxing. However, you have to pay a little more for this train rather than the local ones. This train is on train line called Puyuma.
I was mesmerized by the rusty, old train tracks as well. It made me remember when there were train tracks just a few meters outside of my house. I would eagerly wait for a train to pass and then shout to my family, “A train have passed”. 
Their bus rides were good as well. They would take your luggages and lock them in the compartment below the bus. When you alight, collect your bags and you are off to your next destination.

Through the trip, what mesmerised me about Taiwan was the presence of water and mountain. As I do not get that in Singapore, I could only imagine staring out to a valley with a gentle stream of water, flowing in between rocks and boulders, and beside the valley was a rather steep mountain with luscious greens, grown at the curbs of the wall. That was my view for most of my train rides and I have to say, I could stare at the beauty of mother nature for hours. IMG_4034

We took this at the entrance of Taroko National Park. 


We were on Shakadang trail when I took these photos.

And I am honest when I say I could stare at it for hours.
Look at how the mist and cloud settled on the mountains. It just did not want to leave, and I shared the same thought. 


And this my friends, was the Pacific Ocean. People say the water would be clear blue, just like the sky during summer, which would make for an excellent picture. However, I was there during spring, so I was not really blessed with clear blue sky and crystal clear water. But I will take whatever I get. It is still beautiful.

Some buildings might be old and rundown but I think that is what makes Taiwan, Taiwan. It withholds its culture and history, yet at the same time, revolve with this ever changing world. There was a good mixture of young and old.

This is Jiu Fen. It is an old town with steep walkways with shophouses on either side of the stairway. They sell a variety of teas, food and souvenirs.
And I managed to catch a sunset.

And what I really took home with me was how in love the locals were with the beauty of their motherland. They took pride and savour every glorious detail they have in their country. That truly tells me Taiwan receives love from both human and mother nature.

It was such great fun writing this piece. I hope you have enjoyed part 1 of the Taiwan series. Thank you for reading and till next time, See You!

Spread Love & Be Kind. Xoxo Pei Gee

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Taiwan, April 2016.

It was my second trip to Taiwan. This time, it was different. Different place, different time, different people.

Do you know the saying, “Same Same but Different” ? That was exactly what I felt the entire trip. Places I been on my first trip was vaguely the same but it felt different. It could probably be the movement of objects, but who knows? I was not there for years.

Time have changed. So did the world. It definitely changed my world. Time changed my confidence, courage and concept to the world. With growing confidence, I managed to book my second air-ticket aboard, to Taiwan. With courage and strength, I waved goodbye to my family to embark on a trip that is once in a lifetime. With a different view to the world, I grew and learnt.

Amanda was my travel companion this time. She is a friend I made when I was 12. When I decided to travel with her, I never knew it was going to be an adventure. An adventure that is one in a million.

So come embark on this 3 part series on Big On Food. It would be uploaded on Saturday, for the period of 3 Saturdays. I hope you have enjoyed this piece as it was written with every piece of my heart. Thank you for reading and till next time, See you!

Spread Love & Be Kind! Xoxo Pei Gee

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Chasing the sun in Bali {Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas}

Thousands of apologies for not posting anything yesterday as I was feeling under the weather and could not bring myself to write anything. Therefore I would compensate today with 2 new post! This post would be a short one because I would love to let the pictures speak for itself… IMG_0474.JPG IMG_0477.JPG

That’s it for this post, this post was a short one as I had to allow the pictures to speak for itself and Bali’s sunset. Their sunsets are gorgeous and and colourful. I could stand there for the entire sunset and not blink for a second. Ok, maybe that’s exaggerating, but basically I would sacrifice 10 mins just for those colours.

We are just 3 days away for Christmas and I cannot get more excited!! I hope you are enjoying the posts so far and please stay tune for the last 2 post on my 12 Days of Christmas. Till then, Ciao~

The Pleasure of Traveling.

Today I would love to chat about traveling. Sadly it is no sunset/sunrise post, however somewhere along the line of traveling.

Often when we (We as in the people around me and family) travel, we are constantly finding that perfect gift to bring back home to loved ones. I no longer know the significance to that idea. The idea to purchase a gift when abroad and present it to someone when back home; exactly what is the gift for?

On my recent trip to Japan, I came to this conclusion whereby I would only buy food or some necessities to take back home. I do not see the issue to purposely buy something for a love one anymore as I was constantly troubled with this gift purchase. Why have a tug of war with my own mind when I am supposed to be enjoying my time abroad. I thought to myself it is time I spend money on food and sharing it rather than gifts or present to others. I always tell others “Do not buy me gifts for me, tell me all the stories that happened when you are abroad.”

The memory taken back when abroad is way more important and warming than getting an object someone took so long to buy, that is the pleasure of traveling; to share about the fun times when in a foreign place. Unfortunately, I am currently the only one who have such a mindset.HAHA! It does not matter because I appreciate every single thought to those who painstakingly purchase a gift back home for me.

Overall, traveling is to make memories, not busy yourself to find a perfect gift to bring back home.

Well, thank you for reading. If you have read to this part, I appreciate your time here, reading my rant. Till the next time, Ciao~

Chasing the Sun: Singapore.

You know those moments when you’re up exceptionally early just to catch a sunrise? Those moments when you set your alarm clock at 6am in the morning just to capture that beautiful sky. And after you have seen it, you probably start the day fresh and energetic because you have such an amazing sight trapped in your mind. But plot twist! I sadly have not been one whom gets up early just to catch a gorgeous sunrise.

Then how about sunset? Sunset are moments when you try to reach the highest peak to surround yourself in the most amazing colours in the sky. Those moments are when you empty your mind and just grasp the gradients of nature.

I was a little too late for this sunset but there's that little peek of pink to capture.
I was a little too late for this sunset but there’s that little peek of pink to capture.
Moments when I stay in school after class makes going home late a bit worthwhile.
Moments when I stay in school after class makes going home late a bit worthwhile.

Stop for a minute someday to appreciate the paint of shades in the sky. You would truly know the phrase ‘love at first sight’; well that happened to me. Appreciate nature…. Till the next time, Ciao~

Chasing the Sun

Hi guys! Today, I would love to share a little something new. I have decided to create a new category for this blog, with the title ‘Chasing the Sun’. It is all going to be about sunset or sunrise, if I could get up early enough… As the title says, I would try my very best to chase sunset or sunrise around the world or while I am in my home country.

Sunsets are something I found really mesmerizing, even if it is just for those few minutes; staring into the gradient lit sky. You could see it in all parts of the world, just with different surroundings.

I would make it a point to capture sunsets all around the world when I am traveling and sharing it here! For now, enjoy the sunset I saw in Bali… IMG_2988  IMG_2999