Homemade Strawberry Swiss Roll!

My Mum regularly purchase home a box of Swiss roll from a local bakery. Her choice of flavour only varies with chocolate and coffee, and I wanted a lighter flavour, hence, I took some time off, sat down and started looking for a swiss roll recipe with an idea of making my own filling. In … Continue reading Homemade Strawberry Swiss Roll!

Naked Pandan Chiffon Cake…?

Hi all! Since St.Patricks Day is approaching, I thought I share with you a GREEN recipe! Okay, Disclaimer! I thought it be really fun for me to share this recipe before St. Patricks Day because the product is green and it is no tradition for people to eat pandan chiffon cake on St. Patricks days, … Continue reading Naked Pandan Chiffon Cake…?

My Final Christmas Gift to you: #5 Yule Log Cake!

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! It is finally Christmas! Did everyone got what they wished for? I hope you did. Oh! And for my final gift to you is the Yule log cake. What's Christmas without a good old-fashioned log cake? So, let's get to it! It is my very first time at attempting a … Continue reading My Final Christmas Gift to you: #5 Yule Log Cake!

My Christmas gift to you : #2, Fruit Cake.

Welcome back to my second recipe for this festive season! I am very excited to share with you this recipe because it is easy, fun and simple. So let's get started! I was pretty excited for this recipe because my Dad always talks about how delicious my Aunt's fruitcake was. Therefore I decided to do … Continue reading My Christmas gift to you : #2, Fruit Cake.