Breakfast at the Golden hour

I am one who loves breakfast but am just a little lazy getting up early to make them. So once in a while, when I had enough beauty sleep and have the energy to get up and rule the day, breakfast would be certainly on the menu. Usually I would use the ingredients that I … Continue reading Breakfast at the Golden hour

Eggs Soldiers!

When it comes to breakfast, it is either granola with yogurt and fruits or smoothies, nothing special. So one day I was up to some fun in the kitchen for breakfast. I decided to make eggs soldiers.  Eggs Soldiers is a pretty unique dish I would say, it is special and a smart way to … Continue reading Eggs Soldiers!

Warm and Fuzzy Breakfast. {Day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas}

Hi ya! I have interesting breakfast recipes for y'all today. So sit back and read on! With Christmas coming up, having food that are beneficial for your body is necessary! So I am here with oatmeal recipes, however this are not plain old oatmeal you eat boringly. I am here to mix things up! So … Continue reading Warm and Fuzzy Breakfast. {Day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas}