A Tiny November Update…

Hello Hello! I hope you still remember me. GUILTY AS CHARGED for not writing for the longest time being. Thus I am here today to share a little on what I have been bustling with…

Traveling was involved in the year 2017 and I could not be more thankful for such a chance to explore and discover. With everything that has been happening, I am very glad that I took time off to do a little traveling, a little soul searching and making new friends.


In the month of September, I went to Thailand for a short getaway. There were lots of sun, food and smiles involved. A trip that holds very dearly in my heart.

After my trip to Thailand, I headed to Vietnam. It was an incredible trip with new experiences and tummy so filled with all that Vietnam has to offer. It was my 2nd time in Vietnam and my love for the country grew much more. I was introduced to local delicacies like thin rice rolls with minced meat and mushroom filling and rice paper pizza. Everything we ate was delicious and I cannot wait to head back there.

Rice rolls filled with minced meat and mushrooms, with a dipping sauce made of fish sauce, vinegar and sesame oil.
A flavourful bowl of beef noodles with slices of beef brisket and fish cake. Served with a handful of herbs and onions.
IMG_9929 2
Vietnamese pizza (Rice paper). Cooked on a grill with dried shrimps and spring onion.

Another foodie adventure I went was in Penang. I was deeply touched with how hospitable the locals there were, they helped my partner and I to navigate within the island with a smile on their face and a caring heart, genuinely to help us get around. Aside from all the kind souls we met, we had some pretty amazing food. From eating a heavy plate of nasi kandar (malay mixed rice) at 12 AM to queuing up with the locals for crispy pork belly;  getting to try flaky roti canai drenched with curry and curry mee on the road side night market made the whole trip a very sinful yet satisfying journey to Malaysia.

Flaky Roti Canai for breakfast 
Curry Mee, so oily yet so good. At the back is a plate of fried oyster omelette

Before I went to these trips, I was very down and upset with most of the events that were happening. I never thought that the going would get so tough. It was a horrible period of the year, nothing much was going smoothly, be it in relationships, work or my well-being. Hence all these little trips made me stop and focus on the world around me and made me re-evaluate that there are so much the world could offer . The beauty of age old shop houses with beautiful architecture, people with heart of gold who were so willing to help and share and no matter how tough the situation is, there is always a way out.

I am utterly grateful with everyone that has stuck by me when the going gets tough. Words could not describe how much I appreciate with all the opportunities I received. And an opportunity I received a long time ago was to write for you. Therefore thank you very much for reading from the beginning or if you are a new reader. Thank you.


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