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A big hello once again!! It has been a very long while since I last wrote but today I am here to share new content. It has got something to do food and a cuisine I have never shared before on this platform. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

What is travelling without tasting the authentic local cuisine of one’s country. Traveling is about exploring and getting to know one’s culture, therefore today I would love to share about my recent travel adventure. About couple weeks back, I went on a short getaway to Yangon, Myanmar. Myanmar is a mystery to many. A lot of people I know do not have much knowledge about the beauty within this country, especially the food. Thus on my trip I got to unravel the delicious blend of Burmese food.

The flavours of Burmese cuisine are impressive. My expectations of Burmese food was filled with fish sauce and milky soup bases, however I was so wrong with the image I had of Burmese food. It is packed filled with strong flavours such as peanuts, tea and spices; a rather unusual taste but an interesting and yummy one. I had to help myself for seconds and thirds and every meal I had, I was stuffed with satisfaction. From my observations, they love using peanuts in most of their dishes. Dishes such as thick rice noodles are generously coated with a thick smooth peanut sauce which provided a nutty and creamy touch to the dish. Another dish was a tea fried rice which was accompanied with cashew nuts. Also, most of their dishes are heavily carbohydrate based, just like the other Asian countries. Thus with carbs, all their dishes have a flavoursome gravy to go with rice or noodles. With a tasty gravy meant tender and soft meat, and that was all I got from all dishes.

First up I would like to talk about the tea fried rice. When the dish was first served, I thought it was olive fried rice due to its appearance and content, but later I was corrected that it was tea fried rice. Never heard of it, have you? Neither did I. I was so excited to dig in and when I took my first bite, no disappointment at all. It resembles an olive fried rice, dark with specks of tea leaves, it’s flavour is less nutty and more fragrant than an olive fried rice. There are bits of peanuts in it and the nut gives a crunchy and oily feel to the rice, but in a good way. It goes well with all kinds of dishes, curry, stir-fry or even as it is. This was one of the dishes that left a deep impression as it was something unheard of in Singapore. img_8014.jpg

Next would be a salad. Now this salad is something different, it does not contain any leafy greens or even much of a protein in it. It seems like a small side dish to go with the rice, it blends so well with the tea fried rice and I could honestly have eaten both by itself. It is a lemon salad. It is not sour and it is not bitter. It is so tasty that with every bite you could taste the fragrant lemon rind. This little dish is mainly made out of lemon rind with a hint of lemongrass and ginger, tossed with lots of spices but at the same time, very simple and satisfying. FullSizeRender

Lastly were the meat!! Most of the meat dishes are cooked in a gravy like dish. For example stewed beef/pork, curry fish/chicken. Thus the appearance might be a little dull and dark but do not be deceived by the looks of the dish because the meat is so tender and savoury. We got a stewed pork and mutton meatball. They were all seasoned so well, especially the meatballs. Right amount of fat and meat ratio to give the meatball a lovely bite. And as for the pork, they used pork belly, of which the fat melted in your mouth. And that was the only time I disregarded any type of diet I had. I had to savour each inch of the meats. IMG_8015

Overall my lunch of Burmese would be rated 11 out of 10. It was incredible. Each dish could be paired with one another or eaten by itself. It is versatile and a great variety of them. I believe I only unravelled a pinch of Burmese cuisine, however it was a great insight of the food and I truly fell in love with it.

Well I hope you have enjoy this piece and I hope it gave you a little idea of what Burmese food is and if it did, it would make me absolutely happy. Thank you for reading and till next time, See you!

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