Tasmania 2016: Touch.

Hi all! Today I present you with the final piece to my Tasmania adventures. It is a little bittersweet to write the final one, therefore the short break in writing. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Today I shall be sharing about the connection of what Tasmania have to offer. With that being said, the post is all about places I have been that made an impact during my trip. Thus the word ‘touch’ in my title refers to the effect the nature of Tassie has made on me.

Tasmania has touched me with it’s vast diversity of animals. I am a huge animal lover, thus looking out for animals in Tassie was a highlight. Be it a Tasmanian Devil in a wildlife park or a wild wallaby crossing the road, it is such a great souvenir for the eyes and mind. All my life, I have been living in an urban city, therefore being exposed to wildlife all around you was intriguing and exciting.

Therefore visiting a wildlife park has got to be my Number 1 to-do in Tasmania. Seeing all the animals would just make you go “Awwwwwww”

The Nature of Tasmania has left a huge impact on me. Hiking to be greeted with a gorgeous view, surrounded with luscious greens with birds chirping is the way to start everyday. And when in Tasmania, there were a few occasions my family and I went on a short hike to some lookouts. Moments like during the hike when you notice everything around you from the little pebbles on the side of the path to the clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds to moments like the feast your eyes just had when the view from above was breathtaking and your mind kept replaying the scene of serenity and calm during the walk back down. And I only have a word to describe it all, healthy. It is healthy to mind, eyes, soul and body. With this, I am envious of Tasmanians.

All in all, the nature in Tassie mesmerised me in all corners. From wildflowers on the roadside to majestic waterfalls in National Parks, it is all god’s great creation!

Lastly, I am touched by the life people have there! At times, visiting farmers markets or food festivals in the parks, Tasmanian celebrate life. They have a smile on their face, selling their produce proudly. I clearly remembered a night when I was having dinner at a food festival in Hobart. There were life music, smokey barbecue filled the air and people dancing happily. Good Food, Good Music and Good People; that is basically the scene there in Tasmania! No matter which market I visited, the energy and vibe there is so electrifying, you would be naturally perked up.


Hence, the energy in Tasmania is something one should explore and discover. It heals you, mentally, physically and emotionally. I had such a great time touring the state and I have not had enough of it yet. Tasmania truly is special in my heart and the memories made there are irreplaceable.

And this concludes my pieces on my trip to Tasmania. Thank you for reading and till next time, See you.

Be Kind & Spread Love. Pei Gee

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