Tasmania 2016: Taste.

Happy New Year!! I know I am a weekend late, but hey, better late than never right? Hope you have brought 2017 in with a bang, if not, here is something that would make you want to bang your bank account with savings to travel to Tasmania! Yes, today I shall be sharing about my trip to Tassie in December 2016.

In my previous post, I mentioned about posting 3 out of 4 of my travel adventures. Finally I am here to share my final travel adventures of 2016, and that happened in Tasmania Australia. There would be 3 parts to this series; Taste, Sight and Touch. I am beyond excited to share about my trip to Tassie as it has been on my bucket list for years and to be able to travel there was such a joy and truly an adventure! The first part to the series is Taste, showcasing Tassie’s fresh produce and delicious eats!

Tasmania has always been known for their fresh air and great produce. We experienced their crisp fresh air the moment we stepped out of the airport. It was such a relief to get to Australia safely and thus, the adventure begins! We moved along the North – East – South of Tasmania. It is such a beautiful place with so much to offer. The amount of food Tassie offered had a huge variety from meat to seafood to vegetables! I truthfully think I gained weight from this trip, but no regrets because it was devouring all of Tassie’s goodness!

The most memorable food that Tassie offered was oysters. Freshly shucked, taste of the sea, plump and crisp oysters! If you are not a fan of oysters or seafood, do trust me on Tasmania’s oysters as they were so so fresh and juicy. I usually eat my oysters with tabasco or any form of chili to mask the earthy flavour and sandy texture of it, however when I was in Tassie, all I needed was a squeeze of lemon and I slurped it in. It was so good. My parents and I had 3 dozens of oysters over the span of 7 days there, it was that delicious. I never had that many oysters in my 19 years of living. We got a dozen each at various places in Tassie, 1 from the North, East and South. They were all different in their own special way. The one we ate from the North was less plump yet crisp on the sides. It is more concentrated with the flavours of the sea. The one from the East was juicy and plump, creamier than those from the North. The dozen from the South was a mixture of both crunchier and creamy from both South and East!

We were at Devil’s Corner, on our drive down from Launceston. We decided to settle down for lunch there and got a plate of 6 oysters. It was juicy and crisp and we could not control ourselves and got another half a dozen of oysters!
We bought these bad boys off from a store off the coast. We saw a sign that says ‘Freshly Shucked Oysters’ and we were tempted. We saw boats coming in and out of the coast, as well as people with trays of oysters! We got a tray and savoured them over dinner and wine. It was creamy and you could taste the sea with everyone you devoured.


The last dozen of oysters we ate was at Hobart. Our apartment was very near the habour, thus my parents thought it be great for last meal in Hobart to have oysters! And no regrets, they were plump and creamy. Great last meal in Hobart!

Enough about the oysters, let’s talk about the meat! In Singapore is tough to get juicy and tender lamb as they are all imported. Due to importing such meats, they dry up over the period of transportation, thus they tend to be a little dry. However, the lamb in Australia are fresh, thus we experienced juicy and tender pieces of lamb cutlet every time we ate them. Yes, lamb is a just a piece of meat that could be gotten anywhere, I just want to showcase the beauty of the lamb in Australia that is so yummy and juicy and always leaving me for wanting more! Sear the lamb with butter, rosemary and thyme till medium or medium-rare ; Season with salt and pepper and you are good to go! We got all our meat off the meat section from the supermarket, thus I could not really give you an address as they are available at all supermarket!

And not forgetting their seafood! Ate fish and chips a couple of time, was truly glad that there were more fish than batter. Crispy batter with fresh succulent fish, something I would greatly miss here in Singapore. The mussels they served were incredible! Cooked in a simple smoked bell pepper tomato sauce and freshly chopped parsley sprinkled over the decadent seafood, tasty and fresh.

The meal was at Devil’s Corner. I would link the site and address at the end of my post. And their fish and chips were like golden crispy long pillows with freshness!
These mussels are to die for!!! The flesh were plump and juicy and pack filled with flavours! It was cooked just right, filled with happiness with every bite.
We got this pack of fish and chips off a shop in Swansea, thus I do not have the specific address. However Swansea is a small and cozy town with a handful of fish and chips store thus it would easy to locate it when you are there. And we got clam chowder and it was unbelievable, piping hot generously filled with seafood. Oh! So! Good!!!

The vegetables sold were like veggie heaven to me as well. As the vegetables in Singapore are rarely locally grown and the variety we have are limited, thus we tend to see more green leafy vegetables that are grown in the South East Asia. While in Australia, vegetables are locally grown and the soil are fertile for a wide range of veggies thus I love taking a stroll down the vegetable aisle in the supermarket and the farmer’s market as I would chance upon a type of veggie not often seen in Singapore. It was a colourful and mesmerizing walk every time I walk down the aisle, a pity I could not take them home…

We got a medley of fresh cherry tomatoes, something you get so rarely from Singapore.


The street food scene in Tasmania is wonderful. Great eats at an amazing prize. I was very well fed with the street food in Tasmania. Though it is a little unhealthy, but it is fine to indulge every once in a while.

We got all these goodness from Hobart, at Franklin Square. It is a Friday evening activity, with street stalls and booths selling fresh produce. It is called Street Eats Franko! They serve amazing food with live music and a crowd of happy people!

I hope I have left you salivating from the food of Tasmania as I am done for the post today. It is one lengthy post but I certainly have not done Tassie’s food justice as there are so much more to be discovered and eaten. All that I have written were from my point of view, thus it might differ from your perspective as taste is subjective, though I do hope that you agree that food in Tasmania is amazing. As much as I wish to provide some tasters for you, pictures are all I’ve got.

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope you have enjoyed this piece. Do lookout for the other 2 series from my Tasmania’s travel and till next time, See you!

 Devil’s Corner Cellar Door-Sherbourne Road
Apslawn, Tasmania (10 Mins South of Bicheno, Opens 7 days a week, from 10am to 5pm!

Street Eats Franko Facebook Page– Franklin Square, 70 Macquarie Street, Hobart, Friday evenings till 9pm.

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2 thoughts on “Tasmania 2016: Taste.

  1. Oh man! We also want to road trip Tasmania. Just that circumstances bring us in opposite directions. Yes the oysters there are something we want to have for sure! And we are sure it is soooo affordable compared to back home. 7 days huh? Ok we’ll plan for it

    1. Hey there!! Everyone should travel to Tassie once in their lifetime! It is an absolute babe! Do try to get oysters from the habour instead of restaurants as they might charge a little higher. All in all, oysters in Tassie are 100% fresh! Yup, 7 days in Tassie, going at a slow and steady pace would allow you to cover half of it! It is a definite stunning drive from North to south! You would have an amazing time there!! Thank you for reading, I appreciate it!! Have a great day!!

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