Fresh Pasta ARE THE BEST!

Hi there! Today I will be sharing something different from what the blog usually post, but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!

A few days back in school, I was taught to make fresh pasta! If you know me, I am a pasta fanatic; I love all things pasta, from squid ink pasta to creamy carbonara. Throw me some pasta and I would go beyond my imagination to create a dish around it. So naturally, I was ecstatic about class that day.

The chef in school gave us room to explore the variety of pasta. He provided squid ink and parsley oil for us to flavour our pasta. By then, my excitement grew even more. We kneaded, we rolled it out and did whatever shapes we desired! In my head, I was already toying with tons of idea of how I could make fresh pasta with a little twist at home.

My ideas were crazy, however like they said ‘If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough…’ So I am looking forward to creating insane pasta dishes to share with you. PS, it might take a while for me to develope this recipe, however please be on the look out for it!!

Here are all the pasta we did the other day…

Thousands of apologies that I could not share the recipe from the school, however once I have twigged the recipe and made it mine, it shall be shared!

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Well, Thank you for reading and I hope it got you a little excited with what’s to come on BOF!!! Till next time, See you!

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