Sweet potato and Tofu?!

Hi all! I am back with another meatless recipe! The recipe today was created with zero inspiration but a craving for sweet potato and tofu! So without further ado, let’s get started with the recipe.

I created this dish because I wanted a protein and carbohydrate filled dish, while staying meatless. I was actually contemplating on potato and tofu, however I did not like the colour contrast potato gave when put together with tofu, therefore I used sweet potato and the dish came out better than I expected.

I started with 2 firm medium sized tofu, ‘digging’ a hole in the middle, saving the scraps as well, as they could be added into the mash sweet potatoes. IMG_7765

To make the mash, steam sweet potatoes then mash them up and season to your liking. I love mine with a hint of Indian taste to it, therefore I added a touch of cumin and garam masala. Remember to heavily salt your mash as the flavours are solely coming from them.

I steamed mine in a cute little basket, sweet potatoes cut into smaller sizes as they would cook faster that way.

I steamed the entire dish as I did not want to pan-fry or bake as it would dry them up and add unnecessary oil to the dish. All I wanted was a healthy protein-carbohydrate filled dish and I would say it satisfied all the criteria.

Overall this dish was fun to make, I enjoyed it so much. It could be brought to school in a lunchbox or enjoyed at a picnic. The only issue was that 1 tofu was not enough to fill me up, therefore I accompanied mine with homemade quinoa. You could have yours with a bed of salad greens or soba noodles. Be creative and explore all things, including those in your fridge! Cooking is about creativity and colours and imagination. If you could imagine it, why can’t you make it happen!


Sweet Potato Mash in Tofu


  • 1 orange sweet potato
  • 2 firm tofu
  • 4-5 white button mushrooms
  • Handful of coriander
  • Touch of prefered spices and herbs (I used cumin, garam masala and paprika)
  • Salt and Pepper


  1. Steam sweet potato till it is soft enough to mash.
  2. Once sweet potatoes are mashed, season it with salt, pepper and herbs and spices
  3. Chop button mushrooms till fine. Lightly fry them in a saucepan with a dash of olive oil
  4. After the mushrooms have softened, pour them into the mash, together with chopped coriander
  5.  Give the mash a good mix and then set it aside.
  6. Make a well in the firm tofu, with the scraps added into the mash.
  7. Before you start filling the tofu, start boiling a pot of water filled to the middle for steaming.
  8. To fill the tofu, take a spoonful of the mash and stuff the tofu with the mashed sweet potato.
  9. After the tofu are filled, steam them for about 10 minutes.
  10. Then viola! You got yourself a stuffed tofu with sweet potato mash! Enjoy it with hot sauce or whatever sauce you desire.


The dish was simple yet appealing. It was delicious and filled with good nutrients and fiber! I was glad I tried this recipe out despite the fact that I had no idea what the outcome would be. This is a dish I would like to take to another level with more complex flavours and ingredients. So I hope you would try this recipe out and have as much fun as I had.

Thank you for reading and till next time, See You!

Spread Love & Be Kind. Love, Pei Gee

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Month in A Nutshell: June.

Hi there! I think 2016 have been passing by too quickly as June is already over! Much has happened and today, I am going to share with the past and the future.

In the month of June, I travelled to Japan! It was a family vacation. It was a much needed family time as before the trip I was stuffing my face with books and notes as it was the examination period. I ate lots of udon and soba, practiced a little of Japanese and walked the streets of Tokyo. It was a lovely trip, however due to the fact that Tokyo is filled with skyscrapers as it is a city, I did not enjoyed the surrounding. But do not get me wrong, Japan is filled with wonders, both nature and man-made. If you do get a chance to visit, make the most out of it! Below are some pictures of me making the most out of the trip! Also, I wrote about my trip to Japan a couple weeks ago, you could view the post from here!

FullSizeRender 16
The udon were handmade and ingredients so fresh! It was our first meal, and it was amazing!
Their fish market served another level of fresh produce! All tasted like the sea!
They took breakfast to a grand and delicious level. 
Their mochi are aesthetically pleasing, with a smooth skin and right amount of red-bean filling.
They feast well, very well.

The owl cafes are A MUST!

A trip to Tokyo DisneyLand is a must right…

And lastly, their view.

Happy to say that I managed to get into the kitchen to whip up some meals for myself! I cooked quite a bit, therefore look out for the recipes in the future. However I shall just give you a few sneak peaks… 😀

I published this recipe a week ago, Vermicelli Salad, Asian Style.

These recipes shall be up in the mere future, so keep a look out on it!

Aside from food and travelling, there was something that was truly magical that happened! I am now a writer on My Trending Stories! I would be writing on both Big On Food and My Trending Stories. I was surprised when they emailed me. And I gave it much thoughts, and decided to take up the challenge! It is definitely going to be a challenge as I need to balance my schoolwork with Big On Food and now, My Trending Stories. I would give both site my fullest attention and write with my heart. Thank you for your support and please continue to shower both sites with love! View my articles on MTS here!


June was a rather hectic month, however it was over before I knew it. It was filled with ups and downs, with every downs I learnt a little and grew a little. As the days goes on, I am starting to figure things out, what I want my future to be, how I want to think and live my life everyday. And I have been telling myself everyday to live life positively because there is no time for negativity. Move on if that something is making you so upset, because life goes on. You make your own choice for your own life. Live it happily.

Thank you reading and till next time, See you!

Spread Love and Be Kind! Pei Gee

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Vermicelli Salad, Asian Style!

Want a fresh and delicious asian salad? If you do, read on!

This recipe was inspired by Vietnamese and Korean food, I wanted to make all things asian for this dish. It is a dish I created with love, however the end product was not too satisfying as I probably did not shower it with more love.

Here let me explain. The dressing for this salad was a little bit underdressed. It was not salty enough, which resulted with a lack of umami taste to the salad. Aside from the dressing lacking a little flavour, it was a rather good lunch, and it is also meatless, so great lunch idea for Meatless Mondays!

FullSizeRender 20

This salad is extremely simple and so fresh with crunchy and juicy ingredients. The star of the salad is the dressing. I tried to combine all the asian flavours, however I did not get a dressing I desired. But, I am more than willing to try to adjust and improve the dressing. For now, I shall share the underdressed dressing.

Salad Dressing


  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 2-4 tablespoon of white vinegar
  • 2-3 tablespoon of sesame oil
  • 2 limes
  • 1 red chili
  • 1/2 spring onion
  • about 2 tablespoon soy sauce
  • Handful of toasted white sesame seeds


  1. Slice the spring onion and red chili into fine pieces, then add all ingredients into a bowl.

I truly believe the dressing was underdress due to the lack of fish sauce and salt. After I mixed all the other ingredients together, I added an additional pinch of salt onto my vermicelli and it tasted better.

For the ingredients in my salad…

  • 1/4 yellow/red/green bell pepper
  • 3 types of mushrooms (I used enoki, Porcini and oyster mushroom)
  • Chopped cabbage
  • Sliced carrots
  • For garnish – Spring onions and sesame seeds
  • Handful of korean vermicelli noodles


  1. Blanch the cabbage and carrots in hot water. You would still want them to retain their crunchiness, therefore 1 minute or 2 would be fine.
  2. Remove the vegetables and DO NOT POUR THE WATER AWAY.
  3. Using the water from the vegetables, cook the vermicelli noodles.
  4. Once the noodles are cooked, shock it with cold water then toss it with sesame oil.
  5. In a pan on medium low heat, fry the bell peppers with sesame oil for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then set aside.
  6. In the same pan, cook the mushrooms. Season them with salt and pepper
  7. To assemble the salad, mix all ingredients in the mixing bowl then pour the dressing over and give it a good toss. Taste as you go.
  8. Serve with a handful of spring onion on the salad and sprinkle sesame seed over the noodles.


Overall, I would not say I messed up the whole salad, however there are room for improvements. I truly hope you make them yourself and agree with me that this is the greatest summer asian salad you ever tasted. Do taste as you go and season with every bite.

Before I end today’s post, I have an exciting news to share with you. I am now writing on My Trending Stories. My Trending Stories is a new website where writers from all over the world come together to share their perspectives and ideas. I would be sharing my recipes and travel adventures at MTS, therefore head over there and show it some love. My cheeks are still hurting from smiling from the day I received the mail to join the team. It is such a great joy to be able to expand my horizons and my work on MTS platform. It would mean the world to me receiving your support from day 1. Thank you. To check out my work at My Trending Stories, Click here!

That would be all for today! Thank you for reading and till next time, See you!

Spread Love & Be Kind! 

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