The Food Of Taiwan, Part III

Hi all! For today, I have saved the best for the last for Food Of Taiwan. They are the sweet treats! Taiwan is known for their smooth shaved ice with delicious chewy taro/yam balls. They have plenty more desserts which I am going to share with you! So sit back and enjoy!

Let us start with the famous shaved ice. Ice are shaved into a consistency like snow, therefore the smoothness. They are accompanied with a flavour of your choice. I went for mango! They would drizzle a thick layer of mango syrup with sweet mango cubes topped with a scoop of ice-cream. Also, they are inexpensive and great for sharing.

Shaved ice could be found in all parts of Taipei but I got mine in Ximending. 

Next we have another icy dessert. It is rather well-known in Singapore as well, as stores from Taiwan brought it into Singapore. They are crushed ice with assorted topping. There are a mixture of sweet and savoury flavour as well as different textures from crunchy to chewy.

Toppings in this bowl are peanuts, red bean paste and on the side is taro balls soaked in syrup.

Between the 2 icy desserts, I would go for the shaved snow ice as it was sweeter. But I do like the crushed ice due to their variety of flavours but shaved snow ice wins!

Next we have my all time favourite dessert and it is beancurd! They are silky smooth, healthy and you could have them for either breakfast or dessert! Beancurd are made from soya bean, great for vegans, and the dish is like scoops of beancurd with a thin sugar syrup. I had mine with taro balls and red bean paste.

They did not cost more that $2 and that is why I love it so much! All ingredients are freshly made. Nothing better than freshly made ingredients!

For the next 2 desserts, they are not significantly Taiwanese but I shall review them to you!

Here we have a Japanese dessert. It is ice-cream in taiyaki. Taiyaki are made from batter, shaped into a fish stuffed with red bean paste. I personally dislike this as it was pricy and not fantastic as the ice-cream was not smooth and it made a great mess while eating it, however I would give it a shot when in Japan. I shall stick with a Taiwanese dessert while in Taiwan!


Lastly we have classic desserts! Apple pie and Brownie! They were good and I have nothing to complain about!


Taiwan have been a real treat for a foodie like me. It has treated me like a guest very warmly with the variety of food. It was an absolutely delicious stay! Thank you Taiwan!!

I have one last post for my trip to Taiwan and it would be uploaded next week, so stay tune for that! For now, Thank you for reading and till next time, See You!

Spread Love & Be Kind! Xoxo PeiGee.

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