The Food of Taiwan, Part II

Here comes more food from my adventures from Taiwan! Get yourself ready for street food from Taiwan!

First up, we have one from the street food, which is the all famous deep-fried chicken cutlet. Taiwan is known for their humongous deep-fried chicken cutlet. Chicken that is deep-fried to crispy golden perfection, with juiciness promised along with every bite and seasoned with just a hint of spice and savouriness. I might be exaggerating about the juiciness as it is only promised when you enjoy your piece of chicken while it is fresh and hot.

There are stalls everywhere that sells chicken cutlet in Taiwan. I bought the chicken cutlet at Hot-star fried chicken! Just be on the lookout for a large blue sign if you want to try what I had!

Next, we have the ultimate street food of Taiwan! Stinky Tofu. I told myself to give stinky tofu a shot while in Taiwan as I want to review it to you. So I plucker up my courage and got my first plate of stinky tofu. At first, the smell would put you off and you would start wondering, why would people eat that; but when you take your first bite, you are instantly in heaven, in my opinion. I love tofu, and so this plate of stinky tofu was easy to finish. They use soft and silky tofu and that would ensure a crispy crust and a soft and delicate interior. The tofu were fried on the spot, making it piping hot and super delicious. They were accompanied with a sweet chili sauce with pickled vegetables. After getting to try my first stinky tofu, I would be more willing to go seconds. So if you are put off by the nasty smell, hold your breath/pinch your nose and just take a bite. You will not regret it!

I featured stinky tofu on my Instagram, @BigOnFood. Check BOF Instagram for my food and travel adventures!

While I was in the East of Taiwan, HuaLien, the locals kept urging us to try their all famous 炸蛋蔥油餅 (Deep fried egg in a spring onion crepe). It is uniquely made as they would deep fry the crepe and pour in the egg in the oil. I am utterly curious with how this is made as it is crispy, fried to golden perfection while the egg yolk was still runny and it was seasoned with a sweet and spicy homemade sauce. It was a yummy treat. Thumbs up for creativity and flavour! IMG_4324

Next calls for a plate of oyster omelette. There are a lot of variations of oyster omelette throughout Asia, like Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. The ones in Singapore and Malaysia are crispy and rather dry while the ones in Taiwan are chewy and soft and served with sweet sauce. Oyster Omelette are oyster cooked with a starchy batter which produces soft chewy starch and cooked with an egg. I personally like the ones in Taiwan but accompanied with the chili from Singapore and Malaysia! Going to Taiwan, this is a must-try dish as they make use of fresh oysters.

Oyster omelette stores are available almost everywhere in Taiwan, however do look out for stores that fry theirs till there are crispy sides as that would give you an experience of textures, flavour and colour!

This one is for those who are not on their diet as it is rich and so sinful. It is deep fried potato, stuffed with fillings and coated with cheese. The potato are first deep-fried and then the interior would be mashed and eaten with a filling of your choice, I went with the signature. And before it is served, a ladle full of cheese is pour onto the potato. To me, it was a pretty disappointing dish as there was too much cheese. But I love the concept of it, the crispy skin and the mashed potatoes with vegetables and ham. I would not recommend this, but if you love cheese and potato, this would be the dish for you!

I bought my at Shilin Night Market. It was not difficult to find as there was a line.

Lastly for street food, we have棺材板 ( Coffin bread). It does not have the best name but it has good flavours. Firstly, a loaf of small bread is cut in the middle to create a dent for the filling. You can chose a filling of your choice, I went with black pepper pork. It was something very interesting and seen only in Taiwan. Do give it a shot as the flavours goes very well together!

You might need to search for this as it is not in every night market, therefore do a little research where it is sold at.

An advise for you while on your trip to Taiwan is drink plenty of water. Pretty much of the food in night markets are deep-fried, therefore keep yourself hydrated as you do not want a sore throat while on holiday!

That is it for today! I hope you have enjoyed the street food of Taiwan! I would be doing one on breakfast and dessert next week, so stay tune! Till next time, See you!

Spread Love & Be Kind! Xoxo Pei Gee!

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2 thoughts on “The Food of Taiwan, Part II

    1. The street food there is out of the world! Everything is filled with flavours and colours! You should visit Taiwan someday, it’s a food paradise!

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