The Food of Taiwan, Part I!

Ever wondered what is exploring a foreign country without trying local delicacies? You cannot imagine that right. To me, traveling is all about exploring. Exploring new places, new cultures and most importantly, exploring new food.

My love for food has no boundaries, therefore all I did throughout the trip was eat! Everyday I tried something different, putting my tastebuds to work from breakfast to dessert! From dumplings to noodles, stinky tofu to fried milk.

Truth to be told, Taiwan are very creative with their food. They have the wackiest and funkiest food you will try. I have to say, it was quite a pleasure getting to try them. So without further ado, let’s talk about the food of Taiwan.

All right! Let us start with the dumplings, because that was what I ate the most! When I visited Taiwan, I told myself to stuff myself with dumplings (well as they are like little gold nuggets with their juices). And so I did, in the end, I think I turned into a dumpling myself.

The dumplings in the bamboo steamer on the left are soup dumplings. They are the type of dumplings that requires a spoon when you eat them as soup from inside the dumplings would leak out if you not-so-gently bite into them. The soup comes from the juices of the fillings which are usually minced pork. The other 2 plates are potstickers and dumplings which are cooked by boiling them in water.

The dumplings on the left have a thicker skin. Those are more like ‘bao’, they are meant to fill you up faster so be careful if not to over order.

The 3 pictures of dumplings above were bought in little stores along the street of Taipei, so I am afraid I could not provide the exact address of the store. However fret not, as you could devour all types of dumplings throughout Taiwan as most of the street stores sell them.

These dumplings you see here are called ‘wanton’. Their skins are paper thin and they would slide through into your tummy very smoothly. They are often wrapped with a prawn and pork filling. The red oil sauce you see is chili oil. It goes exceptionally well with the wantons. But be cautious if you do not take spices as this dish is rather spicy.

I ate the wanton dish in Din Tai Fung, in Taipei 101 building. I would provide the details at the end of this post.

Next are noodles! I did not eat a lot of rice on this trip, so therefore I ate loads of noodles instead!

Here, we have sour and spicy noodle soup. The soup is cooked with a hint of spicy and sourness. There are plenty of vegetables in soup which makes this a hearty bowl of goodness as there loads of fiber and nutrients from the vegetables and carbohydrates from the noodles.
On the right, you could see a glossy bowl of noodles. They called it mushroom noodle soup, however there was not much mushroom in the soup, with the exception of black fungus. It was an interesting bowl of noodles as it was my virgin experience trying that. The soup was starchy and flavoured with vinegar, which was to my liking. I ate it with a bowl of vegetables that were blanched and seasoned with a spoonful of minced braised meat.
My one and only bowl of beef noodles in Taiwan. I am glad to say I managed to try a bowl of beef noodles, yet I am sad that I only managed to try one! The beef was unbelievably tender and soft. The broth was cooked with herbal ingredients as that was what drawn me to the store. Amazing bowl of noodles tried and tasted!
Here, we have a simple bowl of noodles with sesame sauce accompanied with a bowl of meatball soup. I reckon this is a simple and fulfilling meal for the Taiwanese as it is often found in most of the street vendors.

All the noodles I tried were from street vendors, therefore unfortunately I am unable to provide addresses. However there are many variety of noodles in Taiwan, thus fret not as you would come across such dish in travels.

That is all for today. Do not be shocked with these little amount of food as these are not all that I have tried during my visit to Taiwan. Do look out for Part 2 and 3 of The Food in Taiwan. I hope that you have enjoyed this post, Thank you for reading and till next time, See you!

Spread love & Be Kind. Xoxo Pei Gee!

Wanton dish from Din Tai Fung : 110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, City Hall Rd, 45號台北101購物中心. Opened daily from 11am-11pm

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