Taiwan, April 2016.

It was my second trip to Taiwan. This time, it was different. Different place, different time, different people.

Do you know the saying, “Same Same but Different” ? That was exactly what I felt the entire trip. Places I been on my first trip was vaguely the same but it felt different. It could probably be the movement of objects, but who knows? I was not there for years.

Time have changed. So did the world. It definitely changed my world. Time changed my confidence, courage and concept to the world. With growing confidence, I managed to book my second air-ticket aboard, to Taiwan. With courage and strength, I waved goodbye to my family to embark on a trip that is once in a lifetime. With a different view to the world, I grew and learnt.

Amanda was my travel companion this time. She is a friend I made when I was 12. When I decided to travel with her, I never knew it was going to be an adventure. An adventure that is one in a million.

So come embark on this 3 part series on Big On Food. It would be uploaded on Saturday, for the period of 3 Saturdays. I hope you have enjoyed this piece as it was written with every piece of my heart. Thank you for reading and till next time, See you!

Spread Love & Be Kind! Xoxo Pei Gee

If you would like to see more about my trip to Taiwan, head over to…

Instagram @BigOnFood

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Or, if you would like to send me a mail, send it to TPG22@hotmail.com



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