It’s the eve of Lunar New Year!

Hi guys! Today is the eve of the Lunar New Year. I thought I do a little something for the blog as it is a festive period for the Chinese! I am going to be talking about my past celebrations today, and for tomorrow’s post, I would be sharing the beauty of the Lunar New year!

The Lunar New Year would be 15 days of festivities. Relatives would go from house to house visiting. Mandarin oranges are exchanged as they symbolises luck and wealth due to their pronunciation in mandarin. Adults would give children/teens/single adults red packets. This year is the year of the Monkey!

I have been celebration Chinese New Year for 18 years now. I am present for such festive celebrations because I enjoy the gathering, catching up with cousins and of course, the food. The food would always stay as the highlight of this festive period. My grandmother and Mum would prepare massive amount of food for everyone and, to be honest, they do not get enough credit for slaving in the kitchen. So you guys out there, give your mum or grandma a big bear hug, thanking them for the food they prepared.

Unfortunately I do not have any photographs of the meal I ate during Chinese New year because all I would do would be dive into whatever is on the table.

Next greatest thing about CNY would be red packets! I think I do not need to explain myself further, as who would not like to receive a red packet…

Lastly the joy about CNY is dolling up. There was a tradition that during the new year, all should wear new clothes. Today that tradition have died down a little, though I still live by that tradition. Shopping for new clothes and dressing up on New Year’s day are one of the joy of CNY!

Hope you have enjoyed this short post on Lunar New Year. Stay tune tomorrow for more on Chinese New Year. Till then, 新年快乐! That is Happy New Year in Chinese!

Stay Brightly Positive & Bake on. Xoxo Pei Gee 

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