Creme Brulee FAIL!

Well, the title says it all! I made creme brulee over the holidays last year, however I did not produce a wonderful piece, instead I made an overly sweet and sticky top creme brulee. Hence today, I would like to share with you what led to all these failures.

Creme Brulee is an easy dessert, I made careless mistakes which was unnecessary. Okay, firstly, making the custard. Simple steps of boiling the milk then tempering the eggs. My first mistake was adding too much sugar. I halved the recipe without cutting the amount of sugar in half. I did not realize the mistakes until they are tasted.

See the mountain of sugar, I needed to half that…
Strained and ready to be poured into ramekins! I poured the custard into measuring jug so that it would easier to pour it into ramekins.
Baked! Some had some wrinkles above them, so I thought I baked them for too long.

After not noticing about my clueless and careless mistake, the custards were poured into ramekins and were put into a water bath and gone into the oven. The baking went well and hence my final part,the caramelization. That part was epic. IMG_9935

So I sprinkled my sugar above the baked custards. Then I turned on my blow torch and blew the creme away; I was left with sticky and uncrystallized sugar tops. I was heartbroken as there were no crackling, though a few made the cut on the crackling… IMG_9931

Lesson learnt:

  1. To note every single ingredient down before baking (That my mother have nagged her whole life about it and now I learned that Mums are always right!) 
  2. Practice my ‘blow-torching’ skills before attempting such recipes.
  3. Basically, not to be lazy and stay alert.

Alright guys, that’s all I have for this creme brulee. I am so disappointed with myself for screwing up something that could be delicious and decadent. But it was a good lesson learnt!

Thank you for reading and look out more post tomorrow as it is going to be something special. Till tomorrow, Ciao~

Stay Brightly Positive & Bake on! Xoxo Pei Gee

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