Hello 2016!

Before I start on the post today, I would love to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2015 was gone in a giffy, and 2016 is here! I cannot be more excited for the events to come this year.

And with the new year, Christmas is sadly over. All year round I have been looking forward to the 25th of December, and it is happily over. I spent Christmas chilling at home with the family then getting local comfort food for dinner and I could not be happier to spend Christmas with the family and good food! Now all I need to do is burn those calories I gained during the festive season.

Once Christmas was over, New Year’s Eve came by and I had a sit-down dinner with my friends and family which was rather lovely and something to be shared on this blog! New Year’s Eve dinner post shall be up shortly, so stay tune!

That’s pretty much it for now. I hope to be baking a lot more this year, as well as travelling. May 2016 be an eventful and fruitful year! Cheers to the New Year!

Stay Brightly Positive and Bake on! Xoxo PG!

You could view more of baking and travel adventures @
Or drop me an email @ TPG22@hotmail.com !

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