People whom I spent 2015 with… {Day 12 of 12 Days of Christmas}

As this series comes to an end, I would like to share with everyone, people whom I experienced fun, joy and laughter with.

Let’s begin!

IMG_9623 Shaheedah! One of my closest friend throughout Secondary school. Ever since school started this year, both of us were pretty busy in school, so therefore I ache for the days where we chat and gossip for hours again!

The Lovatics! We have spent a great amount of time together, laughing and goofing off with each other. Good times. IMG_0622 IMG_0177

And when school started…

My new classmates, whom are rather interesting and annoying at the same time! IMG_1655

ZYRA! Our ‘mother’ in school, always telling us the directions and homework that needs to be done. Oh! And also the powerduo to our practical classes! Truly grateful for you!

IMG_6803 IMG_3813

ANGELYN! My travel buddy, the bubble of joy and the food critic! School would be a bore without you! And you would see more of you in the following pictures.



IMG_0030And Pearlyn! The crazy one, but weirdly enough, also the logical one. Oh! And the most mature one out of all of them! Thank you for appearing in my school days as I would not know what to do without a lunatic in my days in school.


And during my recent trip to Japan, I made plenty more new friends, which made the trip enjoyable and AWESOME! IMG_8334 IMG_8119 IMG_8912IMG_8533

And of course, the 2 friends that stand by me since 6 years ago… IMG_1765

Joslyn, sometimes hyper and sometimes, always a bore. But as always, I enjoy the time spent with you anytime and anywhere! IMG_2794

Melvin! The person who always got my back, went through thick and thin with me and tolerated me the most! Thank you for always staying by my side whenever and wherever!  IMG_1537

And not forgetting, FAMILY! IMG_3921

IMG_0218 IMG_0187  IMG_0086

To those whom I did not mention in this blog, please do not be offended. I might not have pictures of us together therefore there isn’t a feature of you in it. The memories we made together are in my heart. 🙂

Well… This is the end of 12 Days of Christmas. I had the greatest joy writing 12 post for this festive season. Thank you for reading, either 1 of them or all of them. Have a wonderful Christmas, eat loads of turkey, ham and log cakes! Till the next time, Ciao~



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