What I eat in a day in Bali! {Day 8 of 12 Days of Christmas}

With all the times I’ve been to Bali, I realised I have not showed you what I ate in a day there! So today, I would like to share with you what I ate for a day in Bali from my recent trip there!

For breakfast, our villa provided breakfast and I selected classic french-toast. It was done till the insides of the bread remained a soft and chewy. And there were fruits and tea. IMG_0143

Lunch was heavy, very heavy. We went to a restaurant known for it’s fried duck. We had a plate of fried duck rice, satay (grilled chicken kebabs in bite size) and Gado Gado (Indonesian salad with peanut sauce). It was a fantastic meal. I was stuffed. IMG_0212 The meal to end the day was classy and chic. I had gnocchi with dory served with a lemon sauce. It was a good meal to end the day. IMG_0495

All in all, the food I ate in Bali were fabulous and delicious, and I might think I have gained weight after every trip there!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and thank you for reading! Till next time, Ciao~

The villa that I stayed that provided breakfast- The Club Villa.

Lunch- Bebek Joni. They serve a variety of local delights which made order a tad bit difficult.

Dinner- Ultimo.  Ultimo is a chic Italian restaurant with a lovely dinning atmosphere, suitable for couples and family. They serve a wide range of reasonably priced Italian food with wines and many other beverages!


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