A lot to be thankful for…

As the year is coming to an end, I have been reflecting about 2015 and there are a lot to be thankful for, so therefore, here is a post from me to everyone whom I am thankful for this year.

  1. I am immensely thankful for my family. The support they have given me throughout 2015 is beyond words. Thank you Dad, Mum and my annoying little sister. IMG_9592
    Dad, me and sister.
    Dad, me and sister.
    Me, Sister and Mum.
    Me, Sister and Mum.

    A dinner with the family. Also the celebration of my grandpa's birthday!
    A dinner with the family. Also the celebration of my grandpa’s birthday!
  2. My new friends. If you have been reading my blog from April, you would be aware that I have graduated from secondary school and moved on to a tertiary education. With a new school and environment, I made some amazing friends. Thank you for tolerating my chattiness and here’s to another 2 years together! IMG_6574 IMG_5195 IMG_4399 IMG_2620 I am also fortunate enough to make a lot more new friends, however it is a little bit too much for this post, so I would leave them for future posts!
  3. And not forgetting, my best friends! To the 2 beautiful kind souls for always being there for me, I could never thank you enough for being in my life. IMG_3111

    So thankful for these goofballs in my life...
    So thankful for these goofballs in my life…
  4. Lastly, my health. I cannot really remember when was the last time I walked into a clinic but hey, that is a terrific sign by the way. I guess having meatless mondays and mostly eating a plant-base is good for you. So Kudos to life and food!  IMG_2890  IMG_6951 IMG_4455 IMG_8773 I have yet to feature some new recipes, so stay tune for new eats!

The year so far have been a roller-coaster, emotionally and physically. Glad I made to November in a piece! Cheers to a good year with good health and amazing company.

Oh! I am very thankful for all the support and love I received from this blogging community. I have not been the best at updating this year, however there were still some lovely soul out there supporting, so thank you very much.

And this concludes the post today. Thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving! Till next time, Ciao~! Xoxo.


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