The light at the end of the tunnel…

Hello! I am back with a short little update, as I think I might have neglected this blog for a while now.

From the title, I guess you could say my life have been in a dark dark tunnel this month, and I am desperately crawling out to the source of light at the end of it. School has been exhausting, difficult and honestly in the most blunt way ever, a burden. I am aware that I am blessed to receive an education, although at times like this, you just want to put everything down and hide. And that is my exact feeling now. Assignments, quiz, projects are constantly piling up and it is a bit too much. At the back of my mind, I am always reminding myself that God might be testing me; testing my mental strength.

With all that being said, I cannot wait to term break. The occasional off-school days got me appreciating every single second, even the weekends. I remember how I repeatedly ‘waste’ my weekends for the past few years of my life. Now, not anymore! Glad God provided 2 off days in the week for us to recharge, so I shall not mope around and complain how life is so bloody unfair and instead celebrate the assignments and project I reluctantly have to do. And on the bright side, I get to gain knowledge and also, it is currently 34 days to Christmas!!!

Oh! For Christmas this year, I would be sharing a couple of recipe, so stay tune for that! Till then, Thank you for patiently hearing me rant and Ciao~!


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