A lot to be thankful for…

As the year is coming to an end, I have been reflecting about 2015 and there are a lot to be thankful for, so therefore, here is a post from me to everyone whom I am thankful for this year.

  1. I am immensely thankful for my family. The support they have given me throughout 2015 is beyond words. Thank you Dad, Mum and my annoying little sister. IMG_9592
    Dad, me and sister.
    Dad, me and sister.
    Me, Sister and Mum.
    Me, Sister and Mum.

    A dinner with the family. Also the celebration of my grandpa's birthday!
    A dinner with the family. Also the celebration of my grandpa’s birthday!
  2. My new friends. If you have been reading my blog from April, you would be aware that I have graduated from secondary school and moved on to a tertiary education. With a new school and environment, I made some amazing friends. Thank you for tolerating my chattiness and here’s to another 2 years together! IMG_6574 IMG_5195 IMG_4399 IMG_2620 I am also fortunate enough to make a lot more new friends, however it is a little bit too much for this post, so I would leave them for future posts!
  3. And not forgetting, my best friends! To the 2 beautiful kind souls for always being there for me, I could never thank you enough for being in my life. IMG_3111

    So thankful for these goofballs in my life...
    So thankful for these goofballs in my life…
  4. Lastly, my health. I cannot really remember when was the last time I walked into a clinic but hey, that is a terrific sign by the way. I guess having meatless mondays and mostly eating a plant-base is good for you. So Kudos to life and food!  IMG_2890  IMG_6951 IMG_4455 IMG_8773 I have yet to feature some new recipes, so stay tune for new eats!

The year so far have been a roller-coaster, emotionally and physically. Glad I made to November in a piece! Cheers to a good year with good health and amazing company.

Oh! I am very thankful for all the support and love I received from this blogging community. I have not been the best at updating this year, however there were still some lovely soul out there supporting, so thank you very much.

And this concludes the post today. Thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving! Till next time, Ciao~! Xoxo.


The light at the end of the tunnel…

Hello! I am back with a short little update, as I think I might have neglected this blog for a while now.

From the title, I guess you could say my life have been in a dark dark tunnel this month, and I am desperately crawling out to the source of light at the end of it. School has been exhausting, difficult and honestly in the most blunt way ever, a burden. I am aware that I am blessed to receive an education, although at times like this, you just want to put everything down and hide. And that is my exact feeling now. Assignments, quiz, projects are constantly piling up and it is a bit too much. At the back of my mind, I am always reminding myself that God might be testing me; testing my mental strength.

With all that being said, I cannot wait to term break. The occasional off-school days got me appreciating every single second, even the weekends. I remember how I repeatedly ‘waste’ my weekends for the past few years of my life. Now, not anymore! Glad God provided 2 off days in the week for us to recharge, so I shall not mope around and complain how life is so bloody unfair and instead celebrate the assignments and project I reluctantly have to do. And on the bright side, I get to gain knowledge and also, it is currently 34 days to Christmas!!!

Oh! For Christmas this year, I would be sharing a couple of recipe, so stay tune for that! Till then, Thank you for patiently hearing me rant and Ciao~!

An update… 

Hi all, it has been a while since you last heard from me. Firstly, I would like to apologize for not updating this blog as school has been hell. Loads of stuff have been happening and keeping me busy and exhausted. I am dying for a break therefore looking forward to the Christmas holidays. 

Secondly, I would squeeze in some time for festive bakes! Therefore I hope you could look forward to that on Big On Food. 

Lastly, I would love to thank you you for being patient and understanding. Till then, Ciao. Xoxo 

{Travel Adventures}- Kahoku, Japan; Part III

This part of the trip have got be our coolest one, literally. The weather was chilly and windy, my perfect weather!

We went up the hill to a little historical town, with rustic shophouses which sell souvenirs, ice-cream and many more interesting stuff. It was such a glorious day with beautiful weather. The air was superbly fresh, which I greatly appreciated. I shall let the pictures speak for itself… 😀 ENJOY!

The view... GORGEOUS!
The view… GORGEOUS!
Green luscious paddy field for our view during lunch...
Green luscious paddy field for our view during lunch…


The many laughs we shared..
The many laughs we shared..

IMG_7430 IMG_7268

I had to get a picture taken there!
I had to get a picture taken there!

Unfortunately, I have not been diligent to capture my lunch or dinner there, however do stay tune for Japanese food for the next part!

Thank you for reading and till the next time, Sayonara! Xoxo

A heart smoldered in chocolate!

A while ago, I blogged about sugar cookies! This time I am changing things up a notch. My cookies are softer, not as dense as before and smoldered with sweet sweet chocolate. I made this batch of cookies as a gift for a little friend of mine. She is just as sweet and lovely as the cookies. IMG_6903

These cookies are simple to make and kid-friendly. They go perfectly with tea and coffee. I got my recipe from Pinterest, with the link Soft Cut out Sugar cookies! The cutting of cookies could be done with children and also the chocolate drizzle would allow the children showcase their artsy side! And so did I!

you would not need to spread the cookies out as they do not increase in size.
you would not need to spread the cookies out as they do not increase in size.


For the chocolate drizzle, I microwaved semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave oven for 2 minute, with 30 seconds interval to stir the chocolate to prevent it from burning! After the chocolate are melted and cookies are out of the oven, time for the drizzle! IMG_6901

The cookies were not too sweet as the plain sugar cookies complemented the chocolate. But who am I kidding, chocolate complements everything! Please let this recipe be a treat once in awhile as these cookies would give you terrible sore throat if you eat too much.

Though this is a short post, I hope you have enjoyed this recipe and hope it had boosted your creativity glam the plain sugar cookies up! Have fun and till the next time, Ciao~