The Pleasure of Traveling.

Today I would love to chat about traveling. Sadly it is no sunset/sunrise post, however somewhere along the line of traveling.

Often when we (We as in the people around me and family) travel, we are constantly finding that perfect gift to bring back home to loved ones. I no longer know the significance to that idea. The idea to purchase a gift when abroad and present it to someone when back home; exactly what is the gift for?

On my recent trip to Japan, I came to this conclusion whereby I would only buy food or some necessities to take back home. I do not see the issue to purposely buy something for a love one anymore as I was constantly troubled with this gift purchase. Why have a tug of war with my own mind when I am supposed to be enjoying my time abroad. I thought to myself it is time I spend money on food and sharing it rather than gifts or present to others. I always tell others “Do not buy me gifts for me, tell me all the stories that happened when you are abroad.”

The memory taken back when abroad is way more important and warming than getting an object someone took so long to buy, that is the pleasure of traveling; to share about the fun times when in a foreign place. Unfortunately, I am currently the only one who have such a mindset.HAHA! It does not matter because I appreciate every single thought to those who painstakingly purchase a gift back home for me.

Overall, traveling is to make memories, not busy yourself to find a perfect gift to bring back home.

Well, thank you for reading. If you have read to this part, I appreciate your time here, reading my rant. Till the next time, Ciao~


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