{Travel Adventures}- Osaka, Japan; Part I.

Hellooo! As you all may know, I went to Japan a few weeks ago, therefore giving me fresh content to write in my Travel Adventure series! It is going to be an exciting series as there are loads of food involved! Enough of the talking, LET’S BEGIN!

The land of the rising sun. Japan have always portray a beautiful image in my opinion. Therefore I quickly signed up for the trip in school. Oh! I have yet to tell you that this is a school trip, not vacation, hence no parents are present. I went to Japan with 40 students, including myself. It was somehow an exchange programme, however it was more on the fun factor.

Traveling comes glorious new food, and this trip has opened me up to a whole new level of food. Japanese cuisine is sophisticated, delicate and oh so yummy! Throughout this trip, I ate so much good food and I cannot wait to share them!

The day we arrived we were welcomed by a table of food! There were sashimi, a bowl of salad, miso soup, grilled saba fish, fried tempura and chawanmushi (steamed egg/steamed custard). IMG_7010

The sashimi was so fresh, the tuna they served was creamy and smooth. The steamed egg was silky and smooth. It jiggles when shaken. IMG_7001

We did not know which dish to begin, there was just too much food on the table. And each dish was prepared delicately by the Japanese. I was amazed by the presentation and glad to be able to enjoy such pleasant meal the day we arrive.  IMG_7003

Dinner was a do-it-yourself meal. We had grilled meat first. Then came noodles, which we had to fry, then lastly, we had okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese style savoury pancake, it may consist of various vegetables and seafood in the batter. After the batter is cooked, it is usually coated with a layer of sweet sauce and sprinkled with fish flakes and seaweed. We had lots of fun cooking our dinner. The meal being cooked by ourselves certainly made it nicer!

The noodles which consisted of cabbages and seafood.
The noodles which consisted of cabbages and seafood.
The batter for Okonomiyaki!
The batter for Okonomiyaki!
Our very own Okonomiyaki designs!
Our very own Okonomiyaki designs!

Dinner was such a satisfying meal. We had a little too much and could not finish all our food and shared our food in the end!

The food consumed in the first day of Japan was warm and made with so much love! The hospitality received was overwhelming and I appreciated every single bit.

After dinner, we checked into our hotel and rested for the day…  Stay tune for more glorious food, so till next time, Ciao~




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