Gone and Done with October…

I had no idea what is up with October because it went by in a jiffy. I did not know what is the rush but all I knew was October was a quick and busy month. School started in mid-October, managed to bake and cook a little before school reopened. I was blessed to celebrate … Continue reading Gone and Done with October…


Cinnamon Rolls!

As it is the starting of fall all over the world, except Singapore and Australia, I would like to share my recipe on Cinnamon rolls! These rolls are filled with cinnamon and sugar which makes it a sinful treat for the fall.   I myself have always loved cinnamon rolls. I remember the times when … Continue reading Cinnamon Rolls!

{Travel Adventures}- Kanazawa Prefecture, Japan; Part II

Hi all! I am back with part 2 of my trip to Japan! Unfortunately I did not take much pictures of my meals for the day as I could have gotten overwhelmed by the amount of good food I was consuming in Japan! But fret not, I took pictures of my trip to Kenrokuen Garden … Continue reading {Travel Adventures}- Kanazawa Prefecture, Japan; Part II

The Trilogy of Crumbles; Part II, Pear and Apple Crumble.

Hi guys! I am back with the second part of the crumble series! This time, I am here to share about my pear and apple crumble! It holds the same crumble topping, just a different filling, a little less sweet and it taste like Christmas! So, let's begin! In the previous crumble post, I wrote … Continue reading The Trilogy of Crumbles; Part II, Pear and Apple Crumble.