Meaning of Life.

One disclaimer before we begin. All this thoughts are bases solely from myself and no one else.

Ok, here goes…

From the moment we step onto Earth, you are bound to get disappointed, angry, upset and also feel the many joy of being able to breathe and laugh.

I think life or God has his way of fooling with us. One day, he would make everything go to plan. The others, misfortunes appear. Thus I conclude that life is unfair. Some have it better than others, and some have it way worst than the rest. But all in all, life goes on. Sadly/Happily, I will still wake up the next day and do what I am tasked to do. Your parents might disappoint you, your friends might upset you, however no matter how much crap happens, life still goes on. It’s a fact.

So as I am approaching my 18th birthday, I am gradually figuring out my life route. Life may not be the best but I WILL and WANT to make it better.

Well, thats it for my little post. Thank you for reading and I guess this short post is something that have been hovering in my mind for quite a while now, so I felt I would feel better writing it out. Indeed it was therapeutic. Thank you. 🙂


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