What’s wrong with eating green?!?

Hello! Once again, I am speaking about the topic on eating green. I think this is a topic not many people can relate to as friends around are huge meat-lover! Whenever I order a vegetarian dish, they would be looking at me weirdly, some even said they were disappointed that I went for the vegetarian option. They do not understand the reason why I chose the green path, the answer is simple! The grass is greener on the other side! PUN INTENDED! 5 simple reason why I would always chose plant base diet over meat, though I still could not find the courage to completely sacrifice meat. IMG_7460

  1. Plant has NO CHOLESTEROL! ZERO! I have been trying to keep my diet healthy and therefore consuming plant is a good way!
  2. Sodium level is low in plants. Let’s think about our future. With a high sodium diet, chances of getting hypertension are way more than consuming food items that are low in sodium.
  3. I love the crunchiness and colours on plants! To make my dishes beautiful, I would at least have a plant on that dish to beautify it. It is just appealing to the eyes!

    I mean how can you not fall for this colours?!?
    I mean how can you not fall for this colours?!?
  4. Treating my body better. Being a student, staying up till late is a norm; doing that already damaged my body. Therefore giving the body the right nutrients and vitamins is the best I can do for the body.
  5. You can eat it raw or cooked! (For most vegetables..) The diversity of eating plants are endless! You can eat the leaves, stem, roots and even the flowers! Deep-frying, baking or poaching and many many more. The variety of having a plant-based diet are infinite.

    Veggies on pizza!
    Veggies on pizza!

One disclaimer though! I am not a vegetarian, however I PREFER a plant-based diet over meat, but from time to time, I still indulge in beef, pork and lamb. I am just the happiest when consuming plants! So here are my point of view on having a plant-based diet, What are your views on food? I hope you have enjoyed this post and find it convincing enough for you to eat your veggies! Till the next time,Ciao~


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