Fusion dishes intrigues me!

Often, fusion dishes are just an interesting way to attract customers, in my opinion. Usually I was stray away or think it can never been possible and delicious to combine both unique flavours together, however I was proven wrong.

I was dining at this little cafe one evening and I chanced upon a dish which was tom yum seafood pasta. It was new, it was different and it was rather interesting. I flipped the menu and saw another interesting one. Classic Fish and Chips with tom yum sauce. That dish got me exciting. I was contemplating on the fish and chips and some other mundane dishes. In the end, I went for the Fish and Chips with tom yum sauce. It intrigued me and I had to get it.

The sauce was served in a bowl aside from the Fish. I instantly tried the sauce as I was interested. To my surprise it was spicy and creamy. Who knew it would taste so indifferent from the classic tom yum sauce. It went rather well with the fish however, after the first few bites, I got enough of eating the dish. The tastefulness did not stick for long as it was just a thrill to be having something different. It was not fantastic however, it was worth the try.

Which brings me to my point, fusion dishes can either make it big or be a failure. It is always fun to create fusion dishes, but the taste have to stick around. I love creating fusion dishes for myself, yet I am only confident that I would like the taste. These dishes require acquired taste buds from various people from different race and religion. Hence to all those out there creating new, funky dishes, Best of Luck and I hope to try them someday!


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