To me, Life is all about perspective. It is your choice to want to think A or B. This might lead you to become what you are feeling. Happy, sad, mad, this feelings are all up to you.

I was chatting with a good friend of mine a while back and thought that you have to think everything with different perspectives. Being stuck with just one thought would not bring you very far. You need to have alternatives.

For example, in an argument, when you decide to push all the blame to another person, think in their perspective. They might mean no harm when they quarrel, they could probably do it for your own good. Which brings me back to my point, see things in different light and when you find the right light there, head towards it, even if it might knock you down a light, head there with a true heart.

I could chose to complain and whine all day with something I disagree and spend this amount of time being upset, but instead I can chose to be happy and be positive that I have a chance to take things to another level to think and suggest ways to improve on the disagreement.

Life is good when you are happy. Do not settle on easy and strike. Thank you for your kind ears and ‘listening’ me out. This is just a little thought I had… Till next time, Ciao~


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