Gone is the hectic month, May!

School started for close to 2 months now and I am slowly getting the hang of things, such as traveling to school though I really dislike it, the classes and the new classmates.

May has been pretty boring, nothing exciting happened, although I did try this new Korean dessert house, which serves bingsu. Bingsu is a shaved ice dessert with fillings such as red bean, peanuts or chocolate and many many more. The shaved ice have to be icy smooth, so that it easily melts in your mouth once you drop the ice into your mouth.

Such Korean joints have been gaining popularity in Singapore and hence the difficulties in finding an authentic and delicious one. These type of desserts would remain a popular choice because of the humidity and horrid weather Singapore have.

What I ordered was a ground peanut sprinkled on the mountainous shaved ice with rice balls in it. Oh! And I ordered waffles too! The waffles were divine! It had a chewy texture instead of fluffy, it was certainly something different and new!   IMG_2408

Also, I made poached egg on toast and it is beginning to be a weekly weekend brunch for me… Not sure if it’s good or bad…  FullSizeRender

May just swept pass in a blink of an eye… June is going to be another hectic month with loads of activities going on, so stay tune to find out! Till next time, Ciao~


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