Food Diary: Meatless Monday!

A while ago, in my post, Meatless Monday , I promised that I would share my meals on Monday with you. Therefore today, I am here to present you my meatless meals on 25th of May, Monday!

I changed my diet for Meatless Monday rather drastically , going from all week omnivorous to herbivorous on Monday was a change. I had to keep reminding myself not to purchase any meat related items in school or at the food court. There are certain instances that made me naturally purchase a meat dish and I would feel very upset with myself as I was trying and yet, I just forgot about Meatless Monday.

Since restarting this diet, I am pretty satisfied with my meals on Monday. I have not missed a Meatless Monday and I hope that I would not.

When school started this year, breakfast is a vital meal. If I leave home without breakfast, I would be suffering throughout lectures till lunchtime. It is not a nice feeling… So for breakfast on Meatless Monday, I had a hot pipping bowl of oats. Just plain old-fashioned oats! photo-1

Lunch was in school therefore the choices were limited, however I enjoyed it nonetheless. It consist of brown grain rice, with curry vegetables, long beans and stir-fried eggplant. photo

Dinner was a hearty plate of grilled vegetables with

Overall, my day was filled with greens and hearty food! It was a satisfying day and I am sure looking forward for more of such green days! Pun Intended!

Enjoying a meatless meal is not what everyone can accept, however try step by step to achieve a day without consuming meat. Start by enjoying a meatless meal in a week, then gradually progress to a day without meat. No one said it would be easy, but if you try, the end result will be an achievement. Good luck on your meatless meals and remember to listen to your body. If your body lacks carbohydrate, be sure to consume food high in carbs, such as potatoes or brown rice.

Believe in yourself that one day, you can achieve a meatless day! Stray away for bad thoughts and temptations! You can do it!


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