Exhaustion and Headache does not go well…

As you know, I graduated from secondary school last year, and entered Polytechnic this April.

It was a massive change and I was looking forward to the start of school. School has been pretty good so far, however there were some adaptations which required more time and effort. New people, new school system and new classes.

I was coping well for the first few weeks but when Week 5 came, the stress and studies hit me. I underestimated the classes and was complacent for a few subjects, however I am still standing strong and absorbing as much as I could. The time taken to travel caught up with me and I soon realise that I have been so exhausted from traveling to school. Those precious little moments which could be taken to read or revise, instead, I would just fall asleep on the bus as I am knackered from lectures.

Indeed, I am studying what I love, however it have been tiring traveling to and fro from school. But, I have never question myself for not choosing a school closer to home. I am enjoying every single moment in school but just not the traveling! 😀

Thank you for hearing me out and being so understanding.


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