Meatless Monday!

A while ago, I declared that Monday shall be a meatless diet for myself. I did not follow that plan well for last year as I had temptations and other factors that led to a carnivorous diet all week.

However this year, I was determine to restart this plan. It has been about a month or two without meat on Monday. I needed a little time to adjust my body and mind for this change again, but recently, I have been enjoying my diet on Mondays. Yes, I may not be able to consume meat on this day but, I am enjoying whatever I am consuming.

I was never a believer that plant-based diet were awful and yucky, instead I embraced them! I enjoy eating tofu, mushroom and other meatless alternative. I still receive adequate nutrients and vitamins from consuming a meatless diet!

With that being said, I still could not sacrifice meat and seafood, however I would try to dedicate more days, meatless, just not completely… And I would love to share about my meals on Monday, be on the radar for a new post on Meatless Monday! Till then, Ciao~


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