Homemade Strawberry Swiss Roll!

It's Strawberry jam Swiss Roll!
It’s Strawberry jam Swiss Roll!

My Mum regularly purchase home a box of Swiss roll from a local bakery. Her choice of flavour only varies with chocolate and coffee, and I wanted a lighter flavour, hence, I took some time off, sat down and started looking for a swiss roll recipe with an idea of making my own filling.


I started making the fillings first as I wanted it to be cold when I spread it onto my sponge cake.

This strawberry filling is incredibly easy and simple, you could use it onto cakes, ice-cream and pies! I could give you a rough estimation of how much ingredients I used for the strawberry recipe, however it could be modified to more or less.


  1. Strawberries! Slice, about 1 rice bowl full.
  2. About 2 teaspoon of cornstarch.
  3. Water/Lemon juice, 1 tablespoon. (This varies with the amount of strawberry you have)
  4. Sugar if the strawberries are sour.


  • Place all ingredients in a sauce-pan and cook over small-medium heat.
  • Constant stirring is required as all the sugar from the strawberries are extracted out and caramelization is going to happen on the bottom of the pan.
  • Cook for about 10 minutes or till the mixture turns thick and jam like.
  • Pour it onto a bowl, cover and chuck it into a fridge till you are ready to use!

Next! The base! There are certain factors you have to take note.

  1. The texture of the cake. It has to be fluffy and moist, it would provide the swiss roll with a better mouth-feel.
  2. The moisture of the cake. It must be moist! No ones like dry cakes…
  3. The colour! The exterior of the cake should have a light brown colouration.

I used Kitchen Tigress TK recipe as her cake looked moist, fluffy and simple! Her Youtube features many simple decadent treats and I am sure going to try another of her recipe soon!

Here is the link to the sponge cake recipe, Swiss Roll recipe.  I used the exact same measurement and methods for my sponge cake. My batter was very light and airy and the product came out quite good.  IMG_1488



Overall, it was good fun making this treat. The size was just right for my friend and I. We had it for tea and it was the right cake to have!

Hope you enjoy your roll with your mates and till the next time, Ciao~



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