Food Diary: Meatless Monday!

A while ago, in my post, Meatless Monday , I promised that I would share my meals on Monday with you. Therefore today, I am here to present you my meatless meals on 25th of May, Monday!

I changed my diet for Meatless Monday rather drastically , going from all week omnivorous to herbivorous on Monday was a change. I had to keep reminding myself not to purchase any meat related items in school or at the food court. There are certain instances that made me naturally purchase a meat dish and I would feel very upset with myself as I was trying and yet, I just forgot about Meatless Monday.

Since restarting this diet, I am pretty satisfied with my meals on Monday. I have not missed a Meatless Monday and I hope that I would not.

When school started this year, breakfast is a vital meal. If I leave home without breakfast, I would be suffering throughout lectures till lunchtime. It is not a nice feeling… So for breakfast on Meatless Monday, I had a hot pipping bowl of oats. Just plain old-fashioned oats! photo-1

Lunch was in school therefore the choices were limited, however I enjoyed it nonetheless. It consist of brown grain rice, with curry vegetables, long beans and stir-fried eggplant. photo

Dinner was a hearty plate of grilled vegetables with

Overall, my day was filled with greens and hearty food! It was a satisfying day and I am sure looking forward for more of such green days! Pun Intended!

Enjoying a meatless meal is not what everyone can accept, however try step by step to achieve a day without consuming meat. Start by enjoying a meatless meal in a week, then gradually progress to a day without meat. No one said it would be easy, but if you try, the end result will be an achievement. Good luck on your meatless meals and remember to listen to your body. If your body lacks carbohydrate, be sure to consume food high in carbs, such as potatoes or brown rice.

Believe in yourself that one day, you can achieve a meatless day! Stray away for bad thoughts and temptations! You can do it!


Greek Yogurt with mustard?!?!

Previously my favourite salad dressing is balsamic vinegar with olive oil. I have been eating that on my salad for quite a while and thought, why not have a change? Do not get me wrong, I still love my balsamic vinaigrette however it is time for something new!

This new favourite of mine triggered when I have romaine lettuce but no caesar salad dressing at home, but I had greek yogurt! So I thought I substitute the caesar dressing with greek yogurt, however having just plain greek yogurt dressing was weird and odd. Hence I rummaged the refrigerator to find other components for the dressing and that’s when I chance upon multi-grain mustard. I decided to experiment the mustard and the yogurt together, never did I realised that they were match-made in heaven! Well, for my taste but there was a tangy taste of the mustard with the creaminess of the yogurt that made this combination good.

The ratio for the dressing is 1 to 2. Mustard being 1 tablespoon and yogurt, 2 tablespoon, adjust it to your taste buds as well. I poured my onto iceberg lettuce or any vegetables of your choice. If you do not have multi-grain mustard, only english mustard, you still could achieve the same dressing but with one more ingredient. Honey! As english mustard are much more tangy and spicy, mixing it with yogurt would just give you a spicy creamy dressing. Therefore adding honey would lighten the spiciness of the dressing and adding a little sweetness as well.

Sadly, I did not capture any of my salad with mustard yogurt dressing, however do give this dressing a shot as it is healthy and a new alternative!

Do not be afraid to try something new, especially with food. Somethings are worth looking out for!

Till the next time, Ciao~

Exhaustion and Headache does not go well…

As you know, I graduated from secondary school last year, and entered Polytechnic this April.

It was a massive change and I was looking forward to the start of school. School has been pretty good so far, however there were some adaptations which required more time and effort. New people, new school system and new classes.

I was coping well for the first few weeks but when Week 5 came, the stress and studies hit me. I underestimated the classes and was complacent for a few subjects, however I am still standing strong and absorbing as much as I could. The time taken to travel caught up with me and I soon realise that I have been so exhausted from traveling to school. Those precious little moments which could be taken to read or revise, instead, I would just fall asleep on the bus as I am knackered from lectures.

Indeed, I am studying what I love, however it have been tiring traveling to and fro from school. But, I have never question myself for not choosing a school closer to home. I am enjoying every single moment in school but just not the traveling! 😀

Thank you for hearing me out and being so understanding.

Meatless Monday!

A while ago, I declared that Monday shall be a meatless diet for myself. I did not follow that plan well for last year as I had temptations and other factors that led to a carnivorous diet all week.

However this year, I was determine to restart this plan. It has been about a month or two without meat on Monday. I needed a little time to adjust my body and mind for this change again, but recently, I have been enjoying my diet on Mondays. Yes, I may not be able to consume meat on this day but, I am enjoying whatever I am consuming.

I was never a believer that plant-based diet were awful and yucky, instead I embraced them! I enjoy eating tofu, mushroom and other meatless alternative. I still receive adequate nutrients and vitamins from consuming a meatless diet!

With that being said, I still could not sacrifice meat and seafood, however I would try to dedicate more days, meatless, just not completely… And I would love to share about my meals on Monday, be on the radar for a new post on Meatless Monday! Till then, Ciao~

Homemade Strawberry Swiss Roll!

It's Strawberry jam Swiss Roll!
It’s Strawberry jam Swiss Roll!

My Mum regularly purchase home a box of Swiss roll from a local bakery. Her choice of flavour only varies with chocolate and coffee, and I wanted a lighter flavour, hence, I took some time off, sat down and started looking for a swiss roll recipe with an idea of making my own filling.


I started making the fillings first as I wanted it to be cold when I spread it onto my sponge cake.

This strawberry filling is incredibly easy and simple, you could use it onto cakes, ice-cream and pies! I could give you a rough estimation of how much ingredients I used for the strawberry recipe, however it could be modified to more or less.


  1. Strawberries! Slice, about 1 rice bowl full.
  2. About 2 teaspoon of cornstarch.
  3. Water/Lemon juice, 1 tablespoon. (This varies with the amount of strawberry you have)
  4. Sugar if the strawberries are sour.


  • Place all ingredients in a sauce-pan and cook over small-medium heat.
  • Constant stirring is required as all the sugar from the strawberries are extracted out and caramelization is going to happen on the bottom of the pan.
  • Cook for about 10 minutes or till the mixture turns thick and jam like.
  • Pour it onto a bowl, cover and chuck it into a fridge till you are ready to use!

Next! The base! There are certain factors you have to take note.

  1. The texture of the cake. It has to be fluffy and moist, it would provide the swiss roll with a better mouth-feel.
  2. The moisture of the cake. It must be moist! No ones like dry cakes…
  3. The colour! The exterior of the cake should have a light brown colouration.

I used Kitchen Tigress TK recipe as her cake looked moist, fluffy and simple! Her Youtube features many simple decadent treats and I am sure going to try another of her recipe soon!

Here is the link to the sponge cake recipe, Swiss Roll recipe.  I used the exact same measurement and methods for my sponge cake. My batter was very light and airy and the product came out quite good.  IMG_1488



Overall, it was good fun making this treat. The size was just right for my friend and I. We had it for tea and it was the right cake to have!

Hope you enjoy your roll with your mates and till the next time, Ciao~


An Explanation.

I probably owe all the people who took a little bit of their time in the day to view my blog and when they arrive at this webpage, nothing new was updated. Yes, indeed, no new content just yet. I have been extremely caught up with school and examinations are about to start, hence the busy schedule.

I have yet to prioritise time for writing and I am disheartened by that choice, however I would try my very best to write as much as I could, whenever I can. There are many more recipes I would love to share and I cannot wait to write about it. Therefore, please be patient with me as I am doing all I can to produce more post.

Thank you for your patience! I can assure all that a new recipe is going to be up tomorrow, so stay tune! Till the next time, Ciao~


Change is inevitable in a person’s life. It is happening 24/7.

Just a few weeks ago, I experienced a major change in my life. That change was massive. It was daunting yet exciting at the same time. It was a change of a new environment, new faces and, one way or another, a new beginning. I anticipated this change as I felt I needed it. The feeling is unexplainable but I just needed something new, something fresh!

With that being said, I noticed some people hated change. They dislike adapting to something brand new with everyone so foreign and distant. They do not like the fact that they had to step out of their comfort zone and socialize.

Change is a part of our live that we cannot escape.

I remembered I was once like that, disliking to step out of my comfort zone. As time goes by, I was nurtured to someone completely opposite. I started loving unpredictable adventures, trying the most bizarre activity and was not afraid of change anymore. What I meant is that people do not have to like change, however find that little something in that change to change your thinking and mindset to bring you out of your misery and slowly adapt to it. That way, life would not be so bad with that little change happening.

I dislike living every moment of my life thinking how that change would disrupt my life, why not think how the change would make me happier and better!

With all being said, the change I mentioned throughout this post is a new school. I cannot explain how is it like starting a new school, but so far, so good. 😀

Thank you for reading and till the next time, Ciao~