March, You have been an amazing month!

So here I am, April 2nd, reflecting on March.

March went by fairly quickly with many events happening within. It was a very exciting and challenging month. Exciting that I made many new experiences , gained so much knowledge and exploring. Challenging was that I had to balance family, work and friends. Many milestones within March…

I started off March with a hearty meal. I tried a cafe that everyone was buzzing about but to my disappointment, the food was not up to expectation. Nonetheless, it was a hearty plate of food!

Eggs benedict with prosciutto!
Eggs benedict with prosciutto!

The rest of March was pretty much filled with food. I am very guilty of consuming all those food now, but I did enjoy them then! 😀 IMG_0831

The concept of these sushi is east-meets-west. Something new and different, Good stuff!
The concept of these sushi is east-meets-west. Something new and different, Good stuff!

Oh! And I made homemade sushi, which was a rather successful attempt.

The highlight of the month was watching One Direction and Ed Sheeran perform live! Nothing beats those days… I wrote a post regarding the One Direction concert,



For Ed Sheeran’s concert, I could not believe I was watching such a talented guy perform. He is crazy talented, extremely charming and gifted with such an angelic voice. His stage was nothing fancy, just a guitar with a massive backdrop with graphics. He performed for 100 minutes and those minutes were heavenly. He is truly such a good performer! IMG_0827Oh! One more highlight of the month was getting to go Vietnam! I would be updating my Vietnam adventures very soon, so stay tune for that, but for now, here are some pictures I took during the trip! IMG_1274 IMG_1268 IMG_1064 IMG_1138

So basically, March has been filled with adventures and soulful music! It was such a good month and it was bittersweet bidding it goodbye. However, there are many exciting things happening in April and therefore I am welcoming it with arms wide open! Here’s to another good month!



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