My whipped cream SPLITTED!!

I am the most comfortable at baking cakes or muffins, making meringues and crafting tarts, however, I am absolutely the MOST uncomfortable at whipping cream.  Why you must ask. The answer is very straightforward. I could not get the stiff peaks! I could not whisk the cream to the perfect consistency and they would end up, splitting. It’s just like I am having a relationship with the cream. When it all started, everything was smooth and simple. When the tide comes in(when the cream is about to go stiff, they would form crests) , everything starts heating up and then, it is too late. We splitted.

Every time I whip cream, I would either stop the hand-mixer too soon, resulting in a runny and unwhipped cream or the fats and the liquid would form and that is when I know, I have failed again. At some miraculous times, I could whip the cream to the consistency I wanted, but most of the time, I failed. I am constantly asking myself if it was the problem with the cream or with my horrible timings. I would wrong myself rather than the cream as it is innocent.

Intrigued by the fact that I have failed countless times, I am most determined to perfect my whipping skills. All I have to do is practice. Till I get my perfect cream next time, stay tune to find out about my splitted situation! Ciao~


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