I made sushi!

Recently, I had a craving for sushi! So I thought what better way to satisfy that craving other than making my very own sushi..?! So I got down to racking my brain on what to have inside my sushi!

Firstly, I want my sushi healthy! HAHA! Of course, Pei Gee wants a healthy roll of sushi! Immediately, I thought of canned tuna and cucumber. I did not do marketing before I made the sushi, so therefore I had to resort to canned tuna, instead of fresh. I dug out other ingredients in my kitchen suitable for sushi, and I found capsicums, sausages, celery, yogurt and onion. All this ingredients does not seem like it can be cooperated in a sushi but, magically, they do! IMG_0881

Second, there are 3 vital ingredients I must have when eating sushi! They are soy sauce, wasabi and preserved ginger. I know some dislike having preserved ginger while having sushi, but these ginger cleanse my palate and refresh my senses when consuming them.

Thirdly, just have a good time making them and make sure you enjoy what you are putting into your mouth! You may have wacky ingredients but it may come together beautifully, so trust your instincts and be joyous!

Oh! And the rice is pretty important as well! My rice was cooked in the rice cooker, you could steam your rice, boil them, do whatever it takes to cook them! Then you have to add sushi seasoning to bind the rice together. The sushi seasoning could be bought at my local supermarket, if not a japanese supermarket! IMG_0882

Firstly, you have to set your seaweed on your wooden mat. My mum purchased the wooden mat a while ago, so I am not sure where you could purchase it but I am pretty sure supermarkets would be your place to go!


Next, lay out your rice evenly. I did not want to load mine up with too much rice, as I am not a huge fan of rice, but ironically I was craving for sushi…


I made 2 rolls. One was tuna roll and the other was miscellaneous roll!

For the tuna roll, I made use of the canned tuna, yogurt, red onion, a squeeze of lemon juice, cucumber and celery. The yogurt was to replace mayonnaise to bind the tuna and red onion. The lemon juice and red onion are to get rid of the fishy taste and smell of the tuna. Omit the red onion if you dislike the pungent taste and smell.


  • 1 can of tuna
  • half red onion, diced into small cubes
  • 2 tablespoon plain yogurt
  • juice of half a lemon
  • celery and cucumber (for the crunch)
The red onions are diced into small cubes, as I did not want it to overpower the tuna. 2 tablespoon of yogurt was added.
I had no particular order of how the ingredients should be placed, so I just went ahead with it!
This was how it turned out...
This was how it turned out…



For the miscellaneous roll, I had various random ingredients in it. I had sausages, red,yellow and green capsicum, japanese pickles and a wasabi yogurt sauce. I enjoy eating all the ingredients I put into this roll, therefore it explains the pickles and wasabi yogurt. I remembered eating wasabi mayo at a japanese restaurant, hence I decided to experiment it on the yogurt, and it turned all good!  Unfortunately I was too caught up with wrapping the sushi that I forgot to take a picture of the process for this one… My bad..


  • 1/4 red, yellow and green capsicum (For the crunch in the sushi)
  • Sausages
  • Japanese pickles
  • Wasabi yogurt. (I used natural plain yogurt, not greek. And I tasted the sauce as I add wasabi, to suit my taste.)
The end results!
The end results!

Overall, both rolls were pretty satisfying. I had a good meal and it sure satisfied my craving!



I had an amazing time making sushi, though it was very nerve-wrecking when I was rolling them as I was afraid they might spill out the content. And I have to admit that I have an amature knife-skills…. Well, it was a good attempt! I hope you have enjoy this as much as I did and till the next time, Ciao~



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