A Great Man.

In ones life, there would always be a someone whom is the greatest, for me, he is my Grandpa.

My Grandpa is strong, active and lively at the age of about 80. But thats not all, he is knowledgeable, he naturally shoots words of wisdom out when he speaks  and he put a lot of things into perspective. He truly is one amazing man.

He would find 101 reasons to educate me in history, and I do not mean Singapore history, international history. He would tell me stories of wars over the decades, express his words on human rights like it is his duty and constantly nags at me to read or watch the news to gain exposure of the world. Normally, I would listen intently to his history stories, however I am not very obedient on either reading or watching the news. But, I would make a change now. I would have various news platform on my bookmark mark to remind myself to check the world out.

In the 21st century, many of the people I know, including myself, are rather heavily influenced by the western cultures. My Grandpa is aware of that, and he would do his very best to improve my mandarin as he knows it is very important as a Chinese and for my well-being. He would quiz me and that would put me into a panic mood immediately as my mother-tongue is not strong. To think about it now, it is hilarious. He will make me read the headlines of the Chinese newspaper and question me if I understood or not. Most of time, I would stumbled on the words but I would get what the news meant. He does everything for my well-being and I gladly appreciate it.

I probably do not express my appreciation much to my parents or grandparents, but I hope that deep down in their hearts, they know that I try my hardest to appreciate all efforts and time that they took to nag, or lecture and talk to me about life.

Little me with my grandpa..
Little me with my grandpa..

Of course, not only my grandpa is the greatest man, my dad as well! The funny times where he would comment on the post on the blog or Facebook, and little things he does that humiliate my sister and I in public, tells me that he is one in a million.

To all great mans out there, Thank you for making the world a better place. But I have to especially thank the 2 greatest guys in my live, My Grandad and My Dad.

Till the next time, Ciao~


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