Sushi Cravings…

After a rather long absence, I am just here randomly talking about sushi! Yes, Sushi! For those who are not a fan of raw fish or japanese food, sadly this post would not excite you as much. Please do not let raw fish or cold rice put you off from trying Japanese food, there are many variety of choices! And so to speak, Japanese cuisine is also one of my favourite cuisine in the world!

I have recently been craving for sushi! I do not love the rice part, however it is still a bundle of joy to indulge in them! (Pun intended!) I am a massive fan of sashimi and I probably think my parents regretted introducing it to me as I could continuously pop slices of raw fish into my mouth. Good times…. I have yet to find a decent japanese sushi restaurant in Singapore but I am working on it!

Till I find a decent sushi joint and since I have a craving for them, why not try making them?? Well, I shall soon try to make my very own version of sushi, there is probably going to be tuna and pickle in it! So stay tune for that! Till the next time, Ciao~



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