Tomorrow is the last day of February 2015?!

I posted a writing about 4 weeks ago, sharing my happenings during January and so for today, its time I share about how February was to me!

This month went by really quickly and furthermore, there is only 28 days to February… Wow! Thinking about how speedy this month was, school is starting real soon for me. I am left with one and a half months till the start of a new beginning. I certainly am looking forward to it as I have been dreading for a new change. I currently miss school and studying, believe it or not, I MISS STUDYING! Back when I was stuck in school till 9PM for revision, I dislike what I was doing and could not wait till all my examinations are over. But right now, I miss the feeling of being surrounded by colourful highlighted notes and practice papers with equations scribbled all over them. I use to say ‘I am never the study-type kind-of person.’, however now, I am starting to question myself…

February have been a rather hectic month with Lunar New Year happening. I ate too much but I enjoyed myself as well. Haha! I was glad I managed to catch up the lost times with my distant and close relatives, friends as well. It was a really good month!

I definitely am looking forward for March as many exciting are happening and I could not share to share them with you! Till March, Ciao~

Thank you for reading! It is always a pleasure to write to you about my life and events. I guess I could say I just love to share! 😀  Xoxo. Pei Gee


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