My All-time favourite snacks!

Now, when you see the word ‘snacks’, you probably be thinking the oh-so-sweet cookies, high in sodium potato chips or the whole packet of M&M chocolates. However, in my case, it’s a total different thing! What I meant is the food I eat when I am hungry after meals or basically when my mouth chose to be busy. So for today, I would love to share with you my all-time favourite snacks.

  1. Apples. I love a good, juicy red apple. They provide the liquid, the fiber and the vitamins for my body! Its a win-win!
  2. Oranges.  I always enjoy oranges as my snack, dessert or breakfast. Its so universal in my world. Sour or sweet, big or small, its all fine with me.
  3. Granola bars! Sometimes I take granola bars when I am extremely famished or I have yet to have my meal yet, therefore it is not daily affair on consuming these bars. They are pack with energy, fiber from the nuts and protein as well! They can keep me full for quite a while… 😀
  4. A bowl of greek yogurt with granola and sometimes,with  peanut butter! This is the ultimate snack! Say if I ate a bowl of salad for lunch, my stomach would start growling at 4PM or maybe earlier! I would stroll or brisk walk to my kitchen and open the glorious fridge and reach for the greek yogurt. I would add granola into the yogurt and if I am looking for something more lasting and filling, I would add half a tablespoon of peanut butter. The greek yogurt is so creamy and yummy, some people might not enjoy it as much as I do as there is a kind of sour taste to it, therefore it acquires certain taste buds. Adding fruits, honey, cereal or granola might and would lessen the sourness in the yogurt. After my hearty bowl of greek yogurt, I am set to go for dinner at either 7PM or 8PM!  Speaking of yogurt, I absolutely dislike yogurt drinks and pre-processed fruit yogurt (the ones with flavour and fruits in the yogurt during processing.) They are high in sugar and does not benefit your body a lot. I would avoid such yogurt as much as possible!
  5. Bananas! One thing I love about bananas is they are packed with complex carbohydrates and it would keep you rather full for a while. I would add slices of bananas into my yogurt as well!
  6. Lastly, Chocolates! I am not gonna be hypocritical and say that I never ever eat junk. I just tend to stay away for simple carbohydrates and sugar, but when I am in need of a sugar rush, I would chose chocolates! I do not eat pure dark chocolates as they are a little expensive and not really accessible at home, therefore I would just eat whatever chocolates there are at home. However, one type of chocolate I would definitely avoid are chocolate bars! They are a NO NO NO!

In conclusion, I would rather eat the healthy stuff instead of sugary and salty snacks! I started taking care of my body a few years ago and I am enjoying every single second, though my friends would be stuffing their faces in fast food! HEHE! I believe everyone has the choice to eat healthy and be kind to your body. So please make wise and good decisions! Overall, just enjoy eating and eat at moderate amounts.

Thank you for reading and pardon my absence as the Lunar New Year has been hectic and still ongoing. I hope you would stay tune for more! Till then, Ciao~


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