February is already here?!?!?

Hello there! I would first like congratulation everyone for getting through the first month of the year!!! Yay…. But it went pass so quickly though… Well, life has to go on, right…

So for today, I would love to share about the first month of the year. I decided to do this for the rest of the year, whereby I reflect on the month and view what progress I have made in the past month. This is for me to share my joy and sorrows with you, so I hope you enjoy reading my life! HAHA! Let’s get started!

January went pass surprisingly quick. A lot have happened in my life and I am somewhat overwhelmed thinking about it.

  1. My National examinations result came out. That day have got to be one of the most frightful day of my life. I was worried that my results would be horrible and that I have nowhere to go. I expected the worst, but a little part of me, hoped for the best. Indeed, what I hoped became a reality! I got the results I desired. I teared joy and felt fortunate. It was overall, A very good day.
  2. The choosing of tertiary education. I had to make my decision within the week of results collection. It was a rather easy decision because I knew what I wanted.
  3. My sister turned 12! IMG_9590
  4. The results of my posting… I probably dreaded the coming of my posting results. I did not want to be disappointed, or upset, I did not really get hold of my emotions and I was extremely nervous when I found out I was posted to my second choice. I was rather glad but a little disappointed, however I applied an extra application, in case I did not get what I wanted, and the results for that application is release a day after the posting results; therefore I had another day of agony. I woke up just in time the very next to check my results for the application and guess what! It’s a SUCCESS! So right now, I am awaiting for the start of my first year in tertiary education!
  5. Last but not least, in the month of January, my Dad bought me a mixer I have always eyed on and dreamt on it. It is the Kitchen-Aid mixer!!!! It is such a beauty and GOSH I LOVE IT!!!! I could not be more thankful and I would certainly use it well! The reason why my Dad bought the mixer was because he wanted to reward me for the hard work I have put in for my national exams and for achieving a rather well results. I did not see it coming, and the next thing I know, I own a Kitchen-Aid mixer!
    A beauty isn't it!
    A beauty isn’t it!

    I am absolutely glad all my friends moved on to a tertiary institution as well. It was an emotional month, however it is going to be an interesting year!

    So that is my month in a nutshell! I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I hope that you look forward to more! Thank you for reading and till the next time, Ciao~


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