Breakfast and Lunch for under $8, Part 2!

Sorry for the wait for this series as it has been a rather hectic week.

This post is going to be about how I made breakfast with just 4 ingredients that are within the $8 budget for both breakfast and lunch! So here goes…!

In my previous post (Breakfast and Lunch for under $8, Part 1), I showed you the shopping! Now it’s time to show you the cooking! This is a very easy recipe which simply requires about 20 minutes for prepping and another 10 minutes for baking! So in total, 30 minutes minimum. Okay! Without any further ado, here’s what I cooked for breakfast!

However before I start the cooking, I would love to clarify that the basic seasonings are available! Salt, pepper and oil.

So for breakfast, I made ….. Baked eggs! Here are the ingredients I used!

3 eggs, about 1/3 carrot, 1/4 red and yellow capsicum and half the red onion.
3 eggs, about 1/3 carrot, 1/4 red and yellow capsicum and half the red onion.

Please do not use all the ingredients up as you have to save some for lunch…

Firstly, I cracked 3 egg in a measuring jug as it would make my ‘pouring’ job later much easier. Whisked them up and leave it aside while I cut my veggies! Add a little water into the eggs for a fluffier look and salt and pepper for flavour! IMG_9646


Slice the red and yellow capsisum into stripes, then dice into small cubes! Same goes to the carrots and onions!



Grease your muffin tray with oil, and grease it well. If you do not have a muffin tray, a small porcelain cup or bowl would do the trick as well! However, the dish must be be bakeable! IMG_9650

I threw all my diced vegetables into the measuring jug and poured the mixture into the heavily greased muffin tray!

I had some cheese slices left in the fridge therefore I added them in for flavour!

I filled a total of 7 holes in the baking tray, which was more than enough for a person’s breakfast! I baked it in a preheated oven @ 175 degree C for 10 minutes! And TA-DA!



They were gorgeous and delicious!! I ate them with ketchup/tomato sauce and it was so yummy!!! I cannot wait to prepare this for breakfast again because it is cheap, healthy and delicious! I was stuffed when I finished the 3 one.

Healthy Baked Muffin Eggs recipe! 


  • 3 eggs (2 eggs if you want lesser portions)
  • Half red onion
  • 1/4 red and yellow capsicum
  • 1/3 carrot
  • Salt and Pepper for seasoning
  • About 2-3 tablespoon of water


  1. Preheat oven at 175 degree C (350 F)
  2. Crack eggs into measuring jug. Whisk them thoroughly.
  3. Add water while whisking the eggs. Season eggs with salt and pepper.
  4. Slice the capsicum, carrots. Then dicing them into small cubes
  5. Dice the red onions into small small cubes.
  6. Toss all vegetables into the measuring jug and mixing them till all veggies are incorporated!
  7. Grease the muffin tray, then pour the egg mixture till about 2/3 of the compartment!
  8. Let the eggs do their magic in the oven for 10 minutes and Viola! Breakfast is served! Accompany your eggs with tomato sauce or a sauce to your liking!



I really hope you have enjoyed this breakfast recipe and tune in next week for the lunch recipe! I was really full and I hope you are too! Till the next time, Ciao~



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