Breakfast and Lunch for under $8; Part 1!

You must have guessed from the title about the content of this post. Yes, indeed I have spent under $8 for breakfast and lunch.

A few days ago, I set a challenge for myself; it is to spend $8 or less on fresh produces for breakfast and lunch. I was actually pretty pessimistic at first, however I went ahead with the idea.

So firstly, I strategized my trip. It was either to visit the market or supermarket. If I wanted to get the cheapest and freshest item, I would visit the market. If I prefered convenience, then supermarket it is. I picked cheapest and freshest, as I would have a variety of produce and cheap bargains!

Next, the dish I would prepare. I want both meals to include all the nutrients that one needs as I want to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal. However, here comes the issue. If I were to purchase poultry or meat, it would limit my vegetable choices, therefore I came to a conclusion that I would make both meals vegetarian! (Note: I have notice that some people might have the misconception that vegetarian meals are unappetizing and unpleasant. There are many variations that is made possible with cooking vegetables and meatless meals. The meals are as fulfilling and yummy as those with meat! So for those who have these misconceptions, I beg to differ. :D)

Lastly, it was executing the whole idea of spending $8 or less for breakfast and lunch. I made a trip down to the market on a bustling Saturday morning, in order to shop for my ingredients. What I decided to cook was baked eggs in muffin tins for breakfast and tofu salad with fries as side for lunch. Do not underestimate the names of these dishes as they stuffed my tummy very well and I believed they filled my stomach to the brim.

The first store I visited was the tofu store. I was looking for firm tofu as they were much easier to handle and they were rich in calcium and protein. There is a store that sells fresh-made tofu. I was delighted when I found that store. The tofu was $0.60/60 cents for a large piece. I was greedy so, I bought 1 large piece.

The tofu are sold on trays, whereby the lovely lady would pack the tofu into a plastic bag when you purchase it.
The tofu are sold on trays, whereby the lovely lady would pack the tofu into a plastic bag when you purchase it.

After I got the tofu, I had $7.40 left. I spotted a store that sells eggs next to the tofu. I did not need a full tray of eggs, so I went to buy loose eggs. I bought 3 for $0.75. Now, I was left with $6.65. I was getting hyped up with the amount of food I have bought and needed to be bought. I patronized the vegetable store next. I got 1 red onion, 1 red and 1 yellow capsicum, 1 sweet potato, 1 packet of green beans, 1 carrot and 2 potatoes. They total up to $6.20. So my current balance was $0.45. And that was the end of my shopping trip. I got everything I needed and sufficient to feed myself with leftovers. cc089acd7849e21c3421927bc6b8b758 9c22478a5360f3adea1961bf0e961b1a

When I got back home, I was very satisfied with myself for pulling off such a task! I already had the basic seasoning I needed at home, those are salt, pepper and oil. Those are pretty much everything I need for seasoning my food!

That would be all for part 1 of this budget meal! I believe if I can produce healthy meals for under $8, you can too. It never was easy, however if you never try, you will never know. I was glad that I gave myself such task. It was really random but very interesting and entertaining. I suppose I would try this task again but with more limited resource.

I hope you have found this as interesting as I have and tune in for Part 2 for the breakfast! Till the next time, Ciao~

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