Must-have apps on my iPhone!

Yes, this is a random post that I thought I share! So you have probably guessed what this post is going to be about …. The apps on my phone!

A little information on my iPhone. I am currently using a black iPhone 5 and have no intention of changing it into iPhone 6. I have no idea but I have grown very attached to my phone. My phone case was purchased a few days after I received my iPhone, which was about 3 years ago.

What I really love about this case is the zebra!
What I really love about this case is the zebra!

Alright, enough with the introduction! There are 8 apps that I personally love and could not do without it!

  1. MOST IMPORTANT! Whenever a word that I am unfamiliar with pops into my head, boom! I take out my handy device and check the word out! photo copy dic
  2. My second favourite and most loved app would be…. PicsArt! It is an app where you could edit your pictures, insert some quirky texts or add effects onto the picture. I really like this app because I could be an artist for a few minutes of my live! 😀  photo 1 copy
  3. After photography, it would be music! TubeUp is a must-have for me because I could instantly install music on my phone, anywhere and anytime. However only 15 songs could be installed at once. No more than 15… Nonetheless, it’s my favourite as I could not always find the time to connect to Itunes on my computer, therefore TubeUp is a great help to me! photo 2 copy tu
  4. Okay… Now, onto social media! It’s not Facebook nor Twitter, it’s Instagram! I login to Instagram everyday, without fail. Call me Insta-addict because I just really love looking at pictures from people around the world, with their short caption that could explain so much. So if you would like to take a look at my Instagram account, it’s Peigee. photo 2 copy i
  5. The next social media has to do with picture as well! Its Snapchat! Snapchat has these Story segment where you could view your friend’s day. And sometimes, you might be amused with their lives! photo 2 copy sc
  6. Another social media which is recognized worldwide and my must-have is Youtube! It is such a broad platform for videos, very educational and interesting! I learnt some of my recipes from Youtube! photo 2 copy you

   7. & 8. are the same content app on my phone, therefore I merge them together! These apps are the news. They are Channel NewsAsia and CNN. I would never delete these apps from my phone as it notifies me about the latest news happening around the world, even when I am not in Singapore. Therefore it is a must-have for me! photo

Ta-Da! My 8 must-have apps on my iPhone 5! I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I will see you soon! Till the next time, Ciao~

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