{Travel Adventures}- Siem Reap, Cambodia. Day 1!

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder sort, a part of experience.” Francis Bacon.

Quoted from the statement above, I can chose to say I am the inbetweens. I went to Cambodia to learn and to gain experience. And what I received was way much more my hometown, school or home can enrich me. It is such a beautiful world out there. So therefore, I am going to share about my time in Cambodia, last December,2014.

At the beginning of 2014, I was told from a friend of mine that she was visiting Cambodia at the end of the year. She frequently visit Cambodia, and her purpose of visit was to volunteer. I took that as a chance. A chance for me to visit a foreign country and to do something meaningful. I buck up my courage and asked my parents for permission. My Mum was the first barrier I went through. Next was my Dad. He was the tough one. I took months to convince him. Finally my effort were not wasted. He gave me the heads up and approved of this trip. I was elated, yet nervous. I was going to an utterly foreign place without my family for the first time, aside from school trips.  I told myself that this trip was going to be an adventure and it will be fun and interesting.

So I packed my bags and took off to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I went with my friend, An, plus her other friend, Juliana. I already made a new friend! She was such a lovely company to hang around with. Funny, knowledgeable and cool!

To the right is me! In the middle is Juliana! And to the left, is An!
To the right is me! In the middle is Juliana! And to the left, is An!

The first day in Siem Reap was a rather mundane day. We did not do much as we were all worn out from our flight. However something interesting occurred the moment we arrived in Siem Reap. Our friend, An, lost her luggage!

So here’s the story.

Once we touch down, we alighted the plane, went through customs and went to the luggage belt that was loading our bags.

I spotted my bag immediately, followed by Juliana’s. Now, we left An’s bags. We waited, and waited. We waited till most of the bags are being taken off the belts. Then, we started to panic as An’s bag was still nowhere to be found.  We eyed the belt very closely, in hopes that An’s bag might appear. In the end, we spotted a bag that was similar to An’s; same brand, same colour, same size. We picked it out to check if it was An’s bag, however, to no avail, it was not her bag.

Then, a thought came to my mind. ‘What if the owner of the bag mistaken An’s bag and took hers instead of his?’ The 3 of us thought it was highly possible that that happened. By then, An was feeling upset and down. She informed the airport staff and left our accommodation number, in case the owner realized the bag he took was wrong and came down to the airport to exchange it. We left the airport with a positive mind, thinking that the owner of the bag would have the integrity to return. A few hours passed and there was no news from the airport. An was determine that she had to go to the one and only mall in Siem Reap to shop… 

Just as we were sipping a cup of refreshment in the evening, we were informed by the guest house we were staying in, that someone had returned An’s luggage in the airport and we were told to pick it up before 12 am.

What a relief. We rushed to the airport to collect An’s bag and thank the lord that the person returned her bag. Unbelieveable, but very thankful for such a gesture for him to return An’s bag.

After all the drama, we head to Blue Pumpkin for a quick dinner to satisfy our hungry stomachs. Then we headed back to our guesthouse to rest for the day as we have a very long day ahead of us the next day.

My dinner was wanton noodle soup I think...
My dinner was wanton noodle soup I think…

 More about Blue Pumpkin. Blue Pumpkin is an establishment only in Cambodia. It is a cafe all over Cambodia that sells ice-cream, pastries, sandwiches and local food. It is a great place to chill and chat with friends. We ate most of our meals at Blue Pumpkin because it is convenient and yummy!

Oh! Also, let me talk to you about our accommodation! We stayed at Bloom Gardens guesthouse. It is a guesthouse owned by a Singaporean, Aunty Diana, living in Siem Reap. The rooms are very comfortable, it is a guesthouse suitable for family or even single travellers!

And Aunty Diana set up a business with the intention of providing fair-paying jobs to disadvantaged Cambodians. It is a social enterprise that sells quality bags, all hand-made from recycled rice and fish feed bags. I will insert a link below to direct you the site where the bags are up on sale!

And that’s all from me for Day 1 in Cambodia! I hope I have sparked your interest a little and for you to continue reading the rest of this travel adventures. I am in such a fortunate position to be able to travel and experience things Singapore cannot offer. 

And the link to the cozy Bloom Gardens guesthouse – http://www.bloomguesthouse.com/

Link to Bloom Cambodia- http://www.bloomcambodia.com/?page_id=12

Do check Bloom Cambodia out, because what they produce is really cool and for such a great cause!

Till the next time, Ciao~ Xoxo.


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