Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

And it has come to this point of the year to reflect on how 2014 has treated me.

I was reflecting on this year the other night and I could only think of 1 word to describe 2014. Crazy. As in insane, mental. Why you might say… Let me take you through the crazy happenings…

  1. I was a slave towards my national examinations. I conquered it. It was so surreal to be doing my last paper a few months. I have been working extremely hard for the examinations and now, it’s over.
  2. This blog. Who on earth would ever think Pei Gee would start a blog? Not me, but look at me now! Over 50 posts and I am still enjoying writing to you. 
  3. I have challenged myself to things I have never done before. For example, going on a 5 km marathon. I doubt there would be more of such thing… IMG_6672 Going on a personal trip to a foreign country without my family. I will talk more this trip in 2015. So look forward for it! 😀 IMG_9059
  4. Lastly, it was all the energy and strength my family and friends gave that was insane. My family, whom I did not spend much time with when I was busy due to my examinations, took time off from their very cramped schedule for vacations and trips.
    We road trip down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September.
    We road trip down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September.
    We went to Bali just a few weeks ago.
    We went to Bali just a few weeks ago.

    And from Friends! The unproductive study days… IMG_5901 IMG_5653 IMG_3996 But we did have some fun times as well… The absolute fun. IMG_8720IMG_8222

    Concerts ...
    Concerts …
    More concerts...
    And concerts…
    And concerts..
    And more concerts..

    I guess 2014 have been pretty awesome to me! I hope 2015 will tune it up a little because I am turning 18! I do not know what 2015 would bring me but I hope it would bring everyone good health and happiness. Thank you to all those who have stayed by my side and cheered me on when times are tough. To me to you, Have a blessed 2015, Be Positive, Stay Healthy and Happy. Happy New Year.

    Xoxo, Pei Gee.



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