Do things that make you happy.

2014 have been nothing but a crazy journey. Many ups and downs have happened but I am still surviving healthily and happy. And there are some certain things that made me extremely grateful and happy about life.

  1. Family. I was able to see how supportive my parents are when I was in need of a support and help. I might have neglected them a little during my busy days during examinations, however this holiday season, I would give them all my time and share laughter and joy with them. I am really fortunate to have them as my family. IMG_7708 IMG_6234 IMG_4054 IMG_4030
  2.  Friends. It is probably a really cliche topic, however they are the people I share my happiness and sorrows with. It has been a tough year for them as well, however it was lovely to have them by my side throughout the year and I sincerely hope that these people would stick with me for a very long while in the mere future.
    A message from a classmate on the last day of school...
    A message from a classmate on the last day of school…

    IMG_6883 IMG_3672

  3. Lastly, Me. Within this year, I am slowly finding out what I want to become in the future. I am starting to have a clear image of what I want to be doing and what I would be doing. It has been a bittersweet year… Many happy memories and also, countless sad moments. I would say that I had a balance of good and bad happenings throughout this year. And with that, I am constantly growing and maturing and I have to say, even though there are countless bad moments, I am content with what I have in life right now. And I believe, always surround yourself with happy people. A lovely family, amazing friends that would chose to stick with me through bad times and an exciting 2015 awaits me. It is a good life.

IMG_2913 IMG_2848 Doing what I enjoy most.. Baking.  IMG_4119

Admiring my labour of work..
Admiring my labour of work..

Then cooking…

IMG_4302 IMG_7284 IMG_7700 IMG_7761 Revealing the happy moments throughout the year…

All in all, do stuff that excites you, those that bring joy and happiness. If you have yet to find those, look for them slowly. No need to rush. Life is about finding out who you really are and it does not happen overnight. I am lucky to have found my interest and I hope one day, you will too.

I hope I have brought you closer into my life, this is a small reflection of everything that had happened this year. It is a fruitful year but I am also ready to make 2015 a more fruitful and exciting year! Till next time, Ciao~



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